19 Wall Painting Color Choices For Every Season And The Best Brands

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Embarking on a painting project can get you swimming in a sea of mixed reactions. One moment you are excited and can’t wait to get started, and the next, you are worried and scared of the outcome. And in other times you are second guessing your decision to start the project, the color schemes and the decision to bring a professional painting contractor. Isn’t wall painting a DIY you can handle? Well, on paper, and according to YouTube personalities, it is. But when you get down to business, there’s a lot of decisions to be made, a lot of tools, knowledge, and experience needed to make the project a success.

But don’t you worry. That’s why we are here. As the best painters in Bergen County, we shall hold your hand throughout the project and see to it that it is a success. And yes, we shall walk you through the wall paint color choosing process. Now let’s be honest. Though the internet is full of functional pieces of color wheel software, and pages and pages on color theory, it still is a challenge to get it right. And in fact, the myriad of options contribute to the confusion more than sharing solutions in easy to understand bits.

Today, we’ll review the best wall painting colors that are ideal for different seasons. And if nothing else, this guide will point you in the right direction and inspire creativity.


Summer is when the earth is at its best. The sun is shining bright, the weather is just right, and the plants are flourishing. We dare say that it’s not only a season; it represents liberation and freshness to the beholder with its long ambient days and richness of color. It’s the time of year that calls you out to be energetic and productive. And if you are looking to repaint and renovate your home to reflect the season and the mood, you should choose colors that add bliss to the rooms. And what better paint colors are there than bright hues and some warm tones complemented with subtle whites? The colors will feel like drinking a cold coke on a hot sunny day on your walls.

Embrace the summer spirit with the below paint colors. Brighten your home’s interior to match the great weather outside.

1. Rose/Pink

There’s just something about pink paint that screams cute. It’s probably because it’s associated with insanely cute baby girls. On the walls, the pink screams summer. Every guest that gazes upon the wall will automatically drift to a beautifully blossoming rose garden. So yes, pink paint is just what the doctor – Painters in Bergen County, NJ ordered for your walls to inject a cozy and warm feel into your home.

But we’ll be honest. Though pink has the power to carve a smile on the meanest of persons and trigger warm thoughts and memories, pulling it off is tricky business. So what do you do? You pair it with carefully selected colors to give it more oomph! Here are the colors you can consider for the pairing.

  • Orange – yes, we know we sound insane suggesting it. Trust us; we thought we were too, until we saw the results. They are absolutely stunning. The combination is particularly perfect for pulling off a southwestern vibe.
  • White – if you are in doubt and can’t quite picture success with any other color paired with pink, then white is the solution. The great thing with white is that it works with virtually any shade of pink from fuchsia to blush.
  • Sapphire Blue – you can pair a bright pink with sapphire blue. The two yield a jewel tone effect. You can also add other shades of gemstones, including citrine and emerald for an even more powerful effect.

2. Green

Green walls will add the feeling of airy comfort to your rooms. Think about it. It’s summer and green outside. Painting walls green is the easiest and quickest way of bringing the outdoors indoors for a refreshing and comfortable feel. Green (in any of its shades) will add coolness to your home. Just like green screams life during summer, the green paint will bring your home to life, especially if you pair it with some eye-catching accents and colors as well.

Here are some green shades that are ideal for wall paint;

  • Light greens – pale green blends perfectly and effortlessly without overwhelming you with bold and saturated colors.
  • Pistachio – it is a vibrant green color that is rather neutral yet quickly becomes the star of the room. It gives a room a sophisticated feel.
  • Sage green – this falls right in the middle of the green spectrum. As such, it incorporates both ends of the spectrum, embraces all aspects of light and offers nourishment to a room. It is cool and warm and gives a feeling of nature being indoors.
  • Bold green – if you aren’t afraid of it and would want to elevate your room in a manner that exudes confidence, then a bold green will work wonders for you.
  • Palm Beach Green – this is a vibrant and strong green with hints of yellow. It will easily transport you to the 70s and 60s. This green is optimistic and adds sophistication and depth to a room.

3. Yellow

Choose yellow paint to let in happiness into your home. Yellow will make your home warm and lively at the same time. This color is often associated with loads of joy. It’s hard to look at it and remain gloomy and lifeless. It is one of the most favorite summer hues in the paint and fashion industry. It’s perfect for interiors and exterior walls as well.

Like the bright summer sun, yellow will amplify the vibrancy and mood in your home. And like green, you can pick any shade of yellow you please.

  • Buttercup yellow – this is a color that looks and feels so delicious you can eat it. It will give your home a casual and relaxed vibe. Since it’s a pale yellow, you can complement it with shades of white, cardinal red and charcoal gray.
  • Sunflower yellow – this is a traditional shade. It is often the go-to shade for creating bright, fun, and sophisticated spaces. If you tend towards a more vibrant yellow, sunflower yellow is for you – it will make the room pop. And when the room is flooded with light, the walls will shine.
  • Honey yellow – while this color doesn’t exactly scream for attention, it yields a warm feeling. It is a compromise between brown and red undertones and falls somewhere between sunflower yellow and buttercup yellow. It is graceful and inviting.

4. Blue

Now, though blue tends to be an all-season color, it has loads of fresh and alluring shades that make it perfect for the summer heat. Blue does a great job of adding tranquility and calmness to a room. It oozes style and elegance – you don’t even have to try.

To beat the heat this summer and cool things down to create a comfortable home, you can use blue.


It’s hard and almost foolish to think about winter without the cold and snow falling from the sky. These are the qualities that define winter. With that said, the colors that looked awesome in summer might feel off during winter. If you are up for a repainting task, you’ll need to pick paints that rhyme with the season. Winter is about finding new ways to stay cozy and warm despite the cold engulfing the outside.

5. Vibrant Red

Other than skiing and snowboarding, snuggling up to the fireplace is one of the top most loved activities during the winter. People just can’t get enough of it. It’s not only warm, but also romantic. But whether you have a fireplace at home or not, adding some passion with red paint on the walls can make it feel a little less cold this winter and a whole lot cozier.

Since it’s on the opposite side of blue on the color spectrum, it’s the perfect color to heat things up in the winter – it’s the perfect way to conquer the winter blues. If your living room is large and adorned with minimalist furniture, you should paint one of the walls red and hang a family portrait with some beautiful focus lights at the center of the wall for a romantic and warm vibe. For texture, you can play around with gold to give the room a rich feel.

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6. Tangerine

Tangerine is one of the subtle orange hues. Moreover, it’s striking, beautiful and warm. If you blend it in the right shades, tangerine is the perfect color for wall paint, especially the bedroom walls. White colored furniture and wooden furniture will complement the different tangerine shades in your home.

Believe us, when done right, you’ll get a strong desire to constantly touch the wall or even lick it. You’ll crave an orange/tangerine every time you look at these walls.

7. White

Usually, white is used on the trims and ceilings. It achieves a great effect. But this is not the only roles it can play. White is a neutral color, and it’s not considered a warm color. But even so, it is a perfect candidate for creating a warm home. Why? Well, it opens your home up to options of accessorizing your home with colors that fall on the warm spectrum.

You can create any color scheme you prefer with differently colored, rugs, furniture, curtains, and bed linens. Additionally, white reflects light. This means that if you draw your curtains, the light that enters will bounce well all around the room, creating a great effect.

Some of the white shades that you should consider are alabaster white, dover white, and cloud white.

8. Terracotta

If you are in love with the earth and its color, you will love terracotta. Terracotta is one of the trending and chic wall paint colors this year. And as it turns out, it’s a perfect color for winter. Its earthy color will work perfectly with neutral colors to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home. You’ll forget the cold and get sucked into the warm feeling.

Apart from being a warm color, it looks stunning on different fabrics. In addition to the walls, you can think of getting terracotta wool blanket or cushions to accentuate the color scheme.


Spring is usually associated with color. After months of staring at snow-covered terrains, the budding grass blades signal the return of the lush and beautiful landscape you’ve grown to love. Spring has a lot of color options, and you can go wild and crazy with your color choices.

9. Chartreuse

For those who aren’t familiar with chartreuse, it’s the color between green and yellow. It was named ‘chartreuse’ because of its uncanny resemblance to the green color of the French liquor ‘green chartreuse.’ The liquor was first made in 1764. This color is perfect for those who are looking for a color pop and is perfect for small spaces like mudrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and others. However, some softer shades will work great in larger spaces. To complement its brightness, you can throw in some rich purple or a rich red.

10. Gray-blue

Any color that has a ‘gray’ in it might not be considered as the perfect color for spring. However, we have found the gray-blue to have a nice touch and goes against this assumption. Darker versions of the gray-blue might have an overpowering feel. So instead, you should go for the dusty and light gray-blue hues. This hues are neutral and will add enough color to any room they are used in regardless of whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom, or living space. Yes, the color is that versatile. But to keep your space from feeling a little too blue, you should add some hints of yellow or red to balance it out.

11. Light Turquoise

This beachy and bright color is perfect for  spring. It works perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and any other room. Decorating with light turquoise offers a variety of theme options, and it depends on what you want. You can go with a coastal theme in which case light turquoise accented with beige furniture will be awesome.

If you want a Mediterranean feel, accentuating the light turquoise with some rich orange textures will transform your home into a spring paradise.

12. Wild Lavender

If you are in love with lavender, then you know that the plant starts to blossom some time towards the end of spring. But who says you can’t enjoy the color from the start of spring? Lavender is one of the vibrant colors that are bound to brighten up and add life to your bathroom or bedroom.

To give a perfect finish, you can accentuate the room with lilac upholstery and indigo curtains. You can also throw in gray lavender to contrast the wild lavender.

13. Cream

There are things in this life that are here to stay. Rich and velvety cream is one of those things in the paint industry. We are in love with this shade because it’s neutral and offers a clean and fresh essence that lines up with spring. Whether you choose to pair it with sandy beige, coral or tangerine, the cream will offer a relaxed and cam feeling that will live way past the spring season.

14. Coral

Coral is vivacious and outstanding. It’s the perfect pick for a homeowner looking for a color that packs a punch. We should point out that coral is one of the loved colors mainly because it’s versatile and can be used to bring out different designs from vintage to traditional and modern themes.


There are many things that we love about autumn; the fresh air, the cool weather, and most importantly, the leaves changing color – it’s all too beautiful. Also, the start of autumn signals that some of the best holidays, Thanksgiving and Halloween are around the corner. Seeing that autumn greets us with a lot of passion and comes bearing holiday gifts, you need to get your wall paint color right.

15. Persimmon

This color is a perfect blend of orange, red, and blazing sunset. It is a bold and passionate color that’s perfect for autumn. Additionally, it adds energy to any room it’s painted in. It is bound to make a dramatic splash regardless of whether it’s used as the main wall paint color or just an accent color. Persimmon will undoubtedly draw the attention of anyone who walks into a room.

16. Burnt Orange

Many people associate burnt orange with autumn and feelings of comfort and warmth. You can use it in your home with some dark blues and grays. And though it’s a compromise between orange and red, it is vibrant enough to infuse some life and muted enough to offer you some peace.

17. Plum

This is a great color that will remind you of a couple of things, the hue of the sky at dusk in autumn and the sweetness of the juicy fruit. If you choose this color for your walls, you should brighten it up with a light yellow, beige, mint green or cream. Using these shades will help to transform your home into a perfect home in fall while still being fun.

18. Paprika

This is the ultimate spicy color. It is perfect for a sophisticated look without having the traditional orange and red colors. You can combine it with some bit of olive, yellow, brown, or beige to extend the autumn theme throughout the house. You can also complement the autumn theme with shiny metallic, including copper, brass, bronze, and gold.

19. Marsala

This is a statement autumn color that most painters and interior designers often go for. It is a red-brown shade that fits in with virtually any interior design, and décor irrespective of the season. You can combine the color with different hues ranging from mossy green to peach and cream.

Best house paint brands

Now that you have information on the best wall paint color for your home depending on the prevailing season, let’s move on to the best paint brand. This is important because paint brands aren’t similar. And with the sea of paint brands available, the simple task of picking the best brand turns into a nightmare. But don’t fret, we’ve got you.

We’ll start by pointing out that the store you shop from will dictate the paint brand options you have. But regardless of the paint you choose, some qualities can fill you in on the paint’s quality;

  • A thick, dry film layer on the finished surface
  • Between 35% and 45% of pigments and binders

Low-quality paints tend to have lower percentages of pigments and binders. These two are most important because they are the core ingredients used to make paint. The pigments give paint opacity and color while the binder (usually a polymer), creates a matrix that holds the pigments in place.

Over the years, there has been some confusing information regarding the best paint brands in New Jersey and the US as a whole. But amidst all the confusion, some brands has remained consistent and received high customer rating for their quality results. Below is a list of some of these brands:

Benjamin Moore

This brand was founded in 1883 and is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. It is based in Montvale, New Jersey. Given that it is more than a century old, it is safe to say that the company has a lot of experience in the paint industry. And needless to say, its experience and prowess shine through in the results it yields.

The paint is widely available in some hardware stores and specialty stores. Unfortunately, you cannot find it in mass merchant sellers or home improvement centers.

We should point out that this brand’s paint is worth every penny in terms of results offered. The company has won multiple awards based on its reputation and quality. Their paint is best used on the interior than the exterior.


Sherwin-Williams was founded in 1866 and is now located in Cleveland, Ohio. You can purchase it from Sherwin –Williams franchise decorating and painting outlets. Paints from this brand are durable and are known for their exterior and interior performance. Also, you can find their Premium Infinity brand in Lowes stores. Additionally, it’s the brains behind Dutch Boy, which they market as their quality low-end brand.


This company was founded in 1932 and currently operates from Minneapolis. You can find the brand in Lowes home improvement stores and some franchise hardware stores, including True Value, Do It Best, and Ace.


Though not as old as the above wall paint brands, it definitely brings its A-game. Behr started operations in 1947, and it currently operates from Santa Ana, California. Back in 1999, Behr was bought by Basco Corporation. You can only find this paint exclusively in Home Depot.

It is a great exterior and interior paint and has great results despite its middle-tier ranking.

Dutch Boy

This painting company started as the National Lead Company. It was founded in 1907. In those times, it was infamous for spearheading the addition of lead in paint. Currently, it’s owned by Sherwin-Williams as their low-end brand.

This paint is available at mass merchants and discount retailers. However, Dutch Boy’s ranking is rather unstable. It often rises and falls in the rankings every year.

Clark + Kensington

This brand is manufactured and owned by the Ace Hardware as a proprietary brand. In the recent years, Valspar took over the manufacturing of Ace’s proprietary paint brands, but left out Clark + Kensington. Since it’s an Ace Hardware product, you can find it in Ace Hardware stores.

Although Clark + Kensington was once one of the best, its reputation has dipped in the past couple of years.


PPG is a brand that was founded in the late 19th century. It currently operates from Pittsburgh. PPG Industries is a conglomerate that has paint as one of its product lines.

You can purchase the paint from PPG franchise paint stores and Specialty paint retailers.


This is currently a subsidiary of PPG that operates from Strongsville, Ohio. You can purchase their paint from Walmart, Home Depot, or Specialty paint and decorating stores.


This is yet another product by Ace Hardware. It has excellent quality and consistency, and yields great results. You can purchase it from Ace Hardware franchises. And since it’s a newcomer, it doesn’t have enough history to back its long term durability claims. We’ll just have to wait it out and see how things pan out.


This paint brand is owned by PPG Pittsburgh Paints. It is sold at Lowes store (almost exclusively). It is best known for its wood stain results. However, it does have a long list of paint options. In regards to consumer satisfaction, its durability is close to the top.

Cheap Paint Options

When searching for the best wall paint, you should manage your expectations. Super premium paints like Farrow 7 Ba and a couple of other designer paint brands are gorgeous; however, their beauty comes at a price. And when painting your entire house, the costs can add up pretty fast due to the gallons of paint required to complete the project.

With large projects, cheap paints are a great option. But before you call us out on this, cheap doesn’t always mean low-grade or low-quality. Actually, there are several cheap paints that stand out and are worth buying. They will yield great results without crippling your bank account.

Glidden Premium

This paint offers;

  • A perfect balance between cost and quality
  • Low odor
  • Zero VOCs
  • It’s washable and scrubbable
  • It’s available at home depot and other major hardware and DIY outlets
  • It’s consumer-level paint

When you walk through the aisles of home depot, the most prominent paint brand you’ll come across is Behr. Home Depot is practically home to Behr. However, there are other paint brands on the shelves that deserve your recognition as well. Glidden Premium is one of these.

Despite being a budget-friendly paint option, Glidden has a smooth application and provides great texture.  While most matt and flat paints retain scuffs, causing you to repaint after a short while, Glidden Premium has the option of cleaning because of its scrubbable feature.

Sherwin Williams ProMar 400

This is one of the cheapest options available. It is contractor grade and is perfect for rooms that receive minimal traffic. But on the flip side, it is difficult to clean. As such, you might want to have an extra gallon in storage to help repaint and clean up the look.

It is perfect for painting spare bedrooms, ceilings, garage interiors, and rarely used in hallways. Truth be told, not every inch of your house is a candidate for premium paint coating.

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Valspar Professional Interior Latex

This paint has decent quality and is perfect for touch-ups. The brand has a great selection of colors (more than 1800 color options; choosing a color for any season won’t be a problem). Last but not least, this paint is loved because of its low price point. In simple terms, this paint delivers style at an affordable price point.

When looking for the best wall paint, it’s important that you also consider picking out eco-friendly paints. These paints will help preserve the earth for our children. It’s true, we want to live in comfortable and beautiful looking homes, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of our future generations. If this is an option you’d like to explore, we shall guide you through the process of picking eco-friendly paints as well. But just to mention, eco-friendly paints have low VOCs or none at all. Some even have an approval seal from Green Seal, an agency that verifies the levels of VOCs in paint.

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