Eco-Friendly Painting

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We live in a time and age when protecting the environment is more important now than ever before. We know all too well what being reckless with the environment is doing to the earth (floods and drought). Because of this, we need to be vigilant in choosing environmentally friendly products. Unlike some decades ago, the painting industry didn’t have a lot of environmentally friendly paint options. But today, this section of the industry (with the help of governments), has grown exponentially. As such, you have no excuse for not going green whenever you can.

In light of this, we too, have aligned our services to help protect the environment for our future kids. We are on a mission of providing quality painting solutions and educating the masses about the environmentally friendly options available.

How do we help in protecting the environment?

Now you probably are wondering what repainting your home and being eco-friendly has to do with each other right? Well, a couple of decades back, paints used on house interiors had dangerous fumes, which brought about headaches and needed homeowners to open the windows all day and night for a couple of days. But thanks to tech advances in the paint manufacturing industry, those days are long gone.

Most of the paints we use for our projects are rated low or no VOC. This means that the VOC and smell the paints have are close to non-existent. But how do you know if the paint is eco-friendly? Well, we take the complicated process of choosing eco-friendly products out of your hands. All you do is pick the colors, and we shall guide you in choosing the best eco-friendly paint option.

The services we offer with eco-friendly painting include;

  • Exterior painting – we work with a team of specialized painters who understand how different surfaces react to different paints. They aim to increase aesthetics and protect the surfaces.
  • Interior painting – this service is tailor-made to meet individual client needs. We listen to the problem and the vision and guide in the best option for you, including color scheme, and paint quality.
  • Cabinet painting – these are often forgotten. But with us on the job, your kitchen remodel will be exemplary. You will not recognize your kitchen once we repaint the cabinets.
  • Basement painting – we give your basement a facelift to ensure that it’s no longer a room to store unwanted items. With our painting services, it will be one of your best places to be in.

Every painting service we offer promotes environmental sustainability and leaves minimal to no impact on the immediate environment. But on the flip side, the results our painters leave in their wake are gleaming works of art.

As always our standard remains as;

  • Putting our clients first
  • Providing free and detailed estimates
  • Arriving on time and completing projects within the agreed deadlines
  • Sticking to the agreed budget
  • Doing the job right and according to the industry standards
  • Leaving the workspace only when the client is satisfied and cleaning after ourselves

Our green painting initiative means that the customer will get to rest easy and feel a little better with their decision to protect the earth while upgrading the look of their home.

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