Deck Painting

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Here is some good news; the beauty of your home isn’t limited to the color scheme or the quality of the flowers that surrounds your house. A well-maintained fence and deck can ramp up the statement your home makes to all that see it. And here are some even better news;  a fresh coat of stain or paint will give the ‘statement’ an even bigger punch. This means that with some professional painting, your home will transform into a work of art without you having to overhaul your yard. Or at least that’s what hiring us for deck staining, and fence painting will do for you.

At Painters in Bergen County NJ, we believe paint has great powers. Our team of experienced painters delivers deck staining, and fence painting needs to homeowners in all of Bergen County. And as part of exterior painting, our team can also stain and seal your deck.

The deck painting /fence painting process

Though deck staining and fence painting can improve curb appeal, it has to be done right. The process has to ensure that the deck is protected from water damage and rot in the years to follow. Painters in Bergen County NJ follow a tried and tested process that ensures your deck and fence are well maintained. The process follows these steps:

  • Consultation – we help you to decide the best options according to your budget and need
  • Prep – this includes sanding, cleaning, and restoration
  • Priming – this step is essential for painting projects
  • Stain or paint application
  • Inspection

Our fence painting and deck staining process is set up to deliver quality, results efficiently.

Our contractors

Our painters are experienced and skilled in painting decks and fences. They walk you through the process outlined above and explain why everything is being done. We will also help you to decide on the color and finish of your paint or stain.

Before the experts begin to work on the deck or fence, they clean the surfaces and ensure that the boards are in good shape. In the event that the deck or fence is rotting or damaged, they will recommend you fix it first before they continue with the project. They do this because they are more concerned about delivering quality results than completing a project fast and moving on to the next.

Get in touch

Once the deck is prepped and ready, we begin the painting job and ensure that the finish is smooth. Once we are done with the painting or staining process, we check for any sports that might need a final touch up and monitor the surfaces to ensure they dry without cracking and bubbling. When ready, we go over the work and ensure that you are happy with it. The most important thing to note is that we aren’t done until you say so. Before we leave the premises, we correct any faults that we might find.

If you are ready for the fresh look, call us today at 201-580-3922.