Garage Floors

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Truth be told, garage floors can be super dirty. Think about this; you store your lawnmower, park your car and walk with muddy shoes. And even after all this, they usually are the last place to be considered during your daily cleaning. With time, garage floors lose their shine and become a gross sight. Luckily for you, we are a company that has specialized in cleaning garage floors. We work skillfully and efficiently to get the job done in the least time possible.

Benefits of garage floor painting

Garage floor painting/coating is by far the best way to improve the look of your garage floor and increase the protection on it. There are a couple of different products you can choose to get the job done, including polishing, grinding, and epoxy. Each of these options has its pros and cons. But generally, below are the benefits of garage floor painting:


Garage floors don’t usually have a great appeal (though things are slowly starting to change). If you are looking for something extra for your garage in regards to style, then a coating is your best option. With numerous styles and color options available, you can get the exact look you have in mind. Also, garage coatings minimize imperfections on the concrete. If your current floor has some tiny flaws, a simple layer will yield a flawless look.


Concrete garage floors take a beating. You are continually driving into and out of the garage, and because of this, the floor is subjected to dirt, debris, water, and other materials. In addition to this, the garage is a hub for many projects.

Garage painting will protect your floors from the hazards of the projects and materials that find their way into the garage.hard and thick coatings protect the floors from abrasions, chipping, and stains.


Garage floor paintings are super easy to maintain. They seal the floor and prevent dirt from penetrating the garage floor. A simple sweep is enough to clean a dirty garage floor. And if you are in the mood for it, mopping with soap and water will provide you with a cleaner finish. Even better, coatings don’t form dust like traditional concrete floors are as such the floors are cleaner for longer.


Most of the coatings that we use are moisture resistant, which is perfect for garages. When oil is spilled on the concrete floor, it takes longer to clean up. And even after, you’ll probably be left with a stain on your floor. Now, when you think of the many liquids that can spill and stain the floor, then having a coating is the best thing you can do for your garage.

The finishes

We offer two types of finishes

  • Epoxy coating – this type of coating is resistant and is available in several colors and acrylics. It is the most affordable option
  • Polyaspartic coating – this is chemically resistant and dries very fast. It also comes in a couple of finishes and colors

If you want to upgrade your garage floors, either for personal use or in preparation for selling your home, you should call us today for an estimate at 201-580-3922.