How to Pressure Wash Paint Off Deck?

pressure wash paint off deck

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you’ve been pondering how to Pressure Wash Paint Off Deck, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll discover how to use the right pressure washer to remove the paint without damaging your deck’s surface. The first step to pressure …

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Is Pressure Washing Safe For Asphalt?

does pressure washing damage asphalt

Reading Time: 8 minutes Is Pressure Washing Safe For Asphalt? Before you go and buy a pressure washer, it’s a good idea to know how asphalt is affected by pressure washing. Caustic chemicals can damage asphalt. Caustic chemicals are not recommended to remove thick …

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Can You Pressure Wash in the Cold?

can you pressure wash in the cold

Reading Time: 9 minutes Can you pressure wash in the cold? The answer to that question depends on the weather and the types of washing equipment you own. However, even if you can work outside in the winter, you must always wear warm clothes, …

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Can A Pressure Washer Be Gravity Fed?

can a pressure washer be gravity fed

Reading Time: 10 minutes Can A Pressure Washer Be Gravity Fed? This is a popular question, and it has several possible answers. First, read on to learn how to use your pressure washer correctly. Then, learn more about the different options for using gravity-fed …

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Alternatives to Pressure Washing Concrete

alternatives to pressure washing concrete

Reading Time: 11 minutes There are many alternatives to pressure washing when trying to clean a concrete floor. One of these is baking soda. It’s cheap and works wonders in cleaning concrete. Another option is a deck brush. A little cleaning solution can go …

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