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Painters in Bergen County was founded a couple of decades ago – with the sole mission of providing its customers with amazing experiences. Our staff and the team of professional experts work hard to earn the trust of our clients and keep it through consistent communication, timeliness, active, and transparent project management.

We understand that your home is a huge investment and know how much you value it. In light of this, we are trained, licensed, insured, bonded, and have a couple of warranties that ensure your home, your investment, is well protected during the project period and even after. More to this, we provide competitive prices. We have financing options and numerous budget-friendly options and solutions that will meet your needs.

During the time that we have been operational, we have grown to be a force to reckon with through dedication, hard work, and earning the trust of clients and other businesses in the industry.

We are not your regular painting company

When you think of painting, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? DIY? It’s Easy? Cheap? Complicated? While all these thoughts are right on some level, they are not a clear depiction of the bigger picture. And as such, they do not describe who we are as a company.

You see, painting is not something we do on the side. It is not our side gig – it is our life. We live, breath, and eat painting projects.

Unlike many painting companies who juggle remodeling projects as well, painting is all we know. Over the years that we have been operational, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, which gives our strong skill set and talent even more power. Our knowledge of painting applications and products form the core of the solid reputation we enjoy.

Though we know a lot, we do not stop learning. Our painters are continually undergoing training to remain on top of painting trends and technologies in the industry. This way, we are able to answer all the questions that you might have and provide you with options that will best suit your vision.

Besides that, we have a color consultant that will take you through the color choosing process. We understand that choosing a color is no easy task, and for this reason, we have made it our business to hold your hand to achieve your dream.

When working with us, you should expect the following;

Perfect prepping and painting

Before we apply any paint, our skilled and experienced painters will first work to restore the surfaces to get rid of imperfections. We shall protect all the surrounding surfaces using tape and drop cloths to ensure that the furniture and your home as a whole is kept clean and safe.

Flexible scheduling

One of the things that make Painters in Bergen County, NJ, unique and different from the rest is the fact that we plan our working hours around our customer’s schedules. This means that if you’d like us to come after your kids leave for school and leave before they come back, then that’s what we shall do. Our estimators are available on weekdays and evenings and even on the weekends.

On-time painting services

You will not have to wait around for the painting contractor to come to your premise. We are super responsive and dependable. Our team shall arrive on time and will be prepared for the appointment.

Free and accurate painting estimate

Our estimates are free and super accurate. We include repairs, prepping, cleanup, and labor, and quality materials. Nothing is left out, which means no costs will pop up during the project

High-quality paints

Getting quality painting results is dependent on a couple of factors. One of these factors is using quality paints. We not only use quality paints but also advise clients on which paints are eco-friendly. We use eco-friendly paints because we care about the environment and want to cause zero damage to the planet. Join us in our mission to save the planet.

When you hire Painters in Bergen County in NJ, you can count on our dedication to provide you with a great experience and great results.

What services do we offer?

Being a dedicated and specialized painting company, we offer painting services only. For this reason, we are able to dive deeper into the services and invest in quality painting products, tools, and accessories. The services we offer include but not limited to;

  • Cabinet painting
  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Basement painting
  • Garage painting
  • Fence painting
  • Deck sealing and staining
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Popcorn removal

Who can hire us?

We are an established company based in Bergen County, NJ. We accept projects from clients in any of the boroughs in Bergen County; all 70 of them. And here’s the kicker, we do not discriminate based on project size. We shall take up your project, regardless of whether it is small or big and give it the seriousness it deserves.

To hire us, call us at 201-580-3992 today.