WallPaper Removal

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Wallpapers come in a variety of styles, and patterns. They are designed to provide your space with a fresh and unique face. But with time, they can also age and look not-so-appealing. When the time comes to dispose of the old wallpaper and to install a new, modern, and trendy one, things can get complicated fast. It’s because of this that we advise you to hire a professional to handle the project for you.

Our wallpaper removal services

Removing wallpaper from your wall is a delicate process that needs you to have the right tools and training. Some of the tools required include special solvents and a wallpaper steamer.

The process also requires a great deal of patience. And unfortunately, even with the right tools in hand, you can never be too sure how the wallpaper will behave. At times, wallpapers come off easily without leaving marks on the walls while other times, they refuse to come off.

Wallpaper Installation & Removal

The process used to remove them depends on the type of wallpaper. Yes, there are different types of wallpapers, including those with vinyl coating and those made from fabric. The approaches used to remove the two types are different. Also, how the wallpaper was installed initially makes a world of difference in the removal process as well. For instance, if the walls were not primed before a wallpaper was installed, then this could lead to problems when removing it.

And while you can try to handle the project as a DIY, you risk running into problems with some stubborn wallpapers. Luckily, we know how to treat stubborn wallpapers and to prevent them from damaging the surface.

Reasons you should get rid of your wallpaper

The most obvious benefit is that you can finally get rid of the old pattern and install one that you are in love with currently. But besides this, there are some practical reasons for getting rid of it. Over time, wallpapers start to bubble and peel. This results in an ugly look. The seams might also begin to separate, and the ends may curl up. It may even begin turning yellow.

If you are the type of person who loves changing the look of your space often, then getting rid of the wallpaper makes it easier for you to do so. Once it’s gone, you can have your desired color scheme.

How we do it

Removing an old paper is done in several steps. But since we are professionals, we can do it fast without damaging your walls. Below is the process we follow.

  • We prepare the surfaces by spraying a non-toxic solution
  • Once the solution soaks through the wallpaper, we remove the wallpaper using a remover that lifts the paper from the wall
  • The wallpaper is vacuumed to ensure no mess is left behind
  • The residue is cleaned and washed
  • We repair tiny imperfections on the surface through sanding
  • Once the surface is clean, we apply primer. After that, we paint or install a new wallpaper of your choice

When you are prepared to get rid of your old wallpaper, call us through 201-580-3922 – we are more than willing to help.