Sherwin Williams Paint Colors, Accessories and Where to Buy

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Commonly referred to as America’s Paint Company, Sherwin Williams is arguably the biggest manufacturer of paints in America. The company, which has its roots back in 1866 has grown to become one of America’s most trusted.

Apart from paints, it also produces varnishes, refinishing products, specialty coatings, motor vehicle finishes among other products.

Sherwin Williams paint products are sold in more than 4000 stores operated by the company. They are also sold by independent hardware stores and individual merchants.

In this guide, we are diving into some of the most revolutionary products manufactured by this company. This is a simple but comprehensive guide for any painter who is serious about taking their profession a notch higher. By the end, you will be in a position to comfortably choose which paint products and accessories to use based on their quality, efficiency, profitability, and durability.

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Sherwin Williams Paint Colors


Red speaks of elegance and class. Use it on your interior or exterior walls to achieve a warm and stylish finish.


Youthful, casual and spirited. Perfect for creating a playful, interactive and lively mood in any room.


This is perfect for interior space. Use it to give your rooms a golden and high-end look. They help you achieve a rare glow and playfulness in rooms, mostly used by kids and youngsters.


Green may be dull and laid-back, but it’s very peaceful and refreshing. It looks great in combination with blue. Use it in bedrooms and bathrooms. You can add a little yellow to make it livelier.


This a favorite color in most homesteads. It’s charming and cool and works best when combined with white.


Give your rooms a royal look with purple paint. You can add a touch of sophistication by using it in combination with gray.


Most families are developing more taste for neutral colors. They are quite versatile and can be used in combination with any color to achieve a stylish finish.

Interior Paint

Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex

This interior paint will hardly disappoint. It is a combined primer and paint that employs ingenious technology to enable it to easily repel stains. If you already have stains on the surface to be painted, don’t worry. The Duration Home paint uses a stain-blocking technology to ensure that existing stains are completely sealed in.

You can use it in the busiest areas of your home such as the kitchen, sitting area, and hallways. After painting, you will love the simple yet stylish finish.

This paint now comes with two popular finishes; matte and satin. These are excellent at concealing stains and are a perfect fit for high traffic areas.

Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

Sherwin-Williams puts a lot of focus on the stain-blocking capabilities of their paints. That’s why they have developed a unique technology that enables these paints to either rebel or hide notorious stains, especially in high traffic areas. The Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex paint is a good example of what these paints can accomplish. Its overall performance is simply outstanding. So, if you are looking to make your interiors stain-free zone, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider this one.

You can easily achieve a flawless finish using your favorite interior color. Among other things, this paint will keep stains from penetrating walls while also preventing them from water damage.

Apart from stains, you can also use it to cover dark colors on the walls. This could be a previous painting or paint spills that are hard to hide using ordinary paint.

SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex

Switching colors on your interior walls can be a tough job. You need a high-quality paint that will completely cover the old one and leave your walls as shiny as new. The bad news is, not many paints can accomplish this task. The good news? The SuperPaint Interior Acrylic latex will do a great job.

It will quickly hide notorious stains and leave your walls with a flawless finish.

After you are done, it will be as if the walls were painted for the first time. The finish is highly durable and will only need a few touch-ups in case of accidental paint spills.

Sheen options include velvet, flat, semi-gloss and satin. They are all non-reflective and good at concealing surface imperfections.

Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex

With a paint that firmly sticks on the brush and easily glides off when applied on the wall, there is nothing more a painter could ask for. Even for people with a passing interest in painting, this paint is priceless. It is easy to apply and leaves behind a vogue, stylish finish.

You can get this one if you are looking for exceptional coverage, but don’t have a lot of experience in painting. The paint has been rigorously tested and invariably shows incredible results. It is very good at hiding stains while at the same time giving your interior walls an admirable pop of color.


Multi-purpose Interior Oil-Based Primer

Multi-purpose here is used to mean versatility. That is how convenient this oil-based primer is. You can use it on different surfaces such as ceiling tiles, hardboard, wood, cured plaster, and paneling.

Like most quality primers, this one is excellent at hiding stains to give your walls a fresh and stylish look. It is perfect for wiping off water stains, pencil stains, ink, grease, smoke stains and so on.

The primer dries very fast so you don’t have to worry about kids or pets messing it up. Just make sure to keep them away when it’s still wet.

ProMar 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Primer

If you are planning on using any of the ProMar Series paints, this primer will make for a perfect undercoat. This vinyl acrylic primer is perfect for professional painters looking for high-quality undercoats to complement their work.

It’s durable and contains zero levels of VOCs, so it’s environmentally friendly. Use it on interior walls and ceilings to hide stains in preparation for painting.

White Synthetic Shellac Interior Stain Blocking Primer

If you want to restore old or vapid walls to their former glory, this primer will make for a great foundation. The White Synthetic Shellac Primer effectively works to eliminate different stains and odors such as water stains, smoke odor, tar or smoke damage, and pet odors.

The primer is compatible with most latex paints and we recommend that you use it for restoration purposes. It will help you transform damaged walls into new and stylish sheens.

ProBlock Interior Oil-Based Primer

If you have water-damaged walls or those affected by grease, smoke stains, ink, and their related odors, you need a primer than can perfectly complement the topcoat to make those walls new and posh again.

For this reason, we recommend the ProBlock Interior Oil-Based Primer. It effectively blocks out all the stains and odors to give your walls a fresh look. After applying the top coat, your walls will have a beautiful uniform finish.

The primer is also fairly cheap, making it a perfect choice for people on a budget.

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White Pigmented Shellac Aerosol Primer

Use this Aerosol on both exterior and interior walls to eliminate smoke stains, water stains, and odors from pets and soot.

It dries very fast and leaves your interiors with a fresh and admirable sheen.

Krylon Tub & Tile Epoxy Refinish

Give your kitchen and bathroom a beautiful porcelain finish with the Krylon® Specialty Tub & Tile Ultra Repair Finish aerosol.

This is a high-quality Aerosol that is uniquely formulated to beautify kitchen and bathroom materials. These include fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic tiles, glass, and other non-porous surfaces.

The Aerosol is chip-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. You can spray it in any way to achieve a gorgeous and durable finish.

Krylon Professional All Surface Enamel

If you want a high-gloss finish for your interior and exterior surfaces, you will love the Krylon® Professional All Surface Enamel.

This Aerosol comes in a variety of colors and is known to provide great coverage. You can also use it for Direct to Metal (DtM) application in case you have any metal surfaces that need refurbishing.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint

Exterior paint

Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex

There are only a few exterior paints that are as good as the Duration Exterior coating. It employs advanced technology to achieve both quality and elegance. These include the PermaLast technology, which together with high-end acrylic co-polymers boost the efficiency and durability of the paint.

SnapDry Door & Trim Paint

Most paints take too long to dry. SnapDry takes less than an hour, which is convenient, especially if it’s applied in high traffic areas.

It leaves a clean finish that is resistant to dirt, stains, UV weathering and fingerprints.


LOXON Acrylic Conditioner

The Loxon Acrylic conditioner is very easy to apply. All you need is a brush, roller or spray. It dries in about 30 minutes and you can start applying the topcoat after 3 hours. This is quite convenient as you can apply both the primer and paint on the same day.

The primer comes in different Sheens, which include satin, gloss, flat and low sheen.

Exterior Latex Wood Primer

Finding a fast-drying wood primer is not easy. But that’s exactly what this exterior latex wood primer is. You can use it when there is no need for stain-blocking or when priming smooth pine.

It is recommended for use on bare wood, plywood, aluminum, steel, and previously painted surfaces.

Deck Stains & Supplies

SuperDeck Exterior Oil-Based Transparent Stain

Treat wood surfaces to their natural beauty with this oil-based transparent stain. It only needs one application on exterior surfaces. It repels water and resists the growth of mildew on wood surfaces.

SuperDeck Exterior Waterborne Solid Color Deck Stain

If you are looking for durability in your wood stain, you’ll probably fall for this one. The stain utilizes Cool Feel™ Color Technology, which helps bring down surface temperatures on your deck better than other traditional color technologies.

This stain is easy to apply and protects decks from cracking, weathering or chipping.

Siding Stains

WoodScapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color House Stain

Give your exterior walls a stylish look and admirable curb appeal with WoodScapes exterior stain. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to enhance its protection power while providing a flawless finish.

It penetrates surfaces to offer better protection and keep them from peeling.

SuperDeck Log Home & Deck Stain

Easily create an impressive Deck with this breakthrough stain. It has a deep satin sheen, which gives it a touch of elegance and style.

Although you can apply it using other methods such as rollers and spray, we recommend that you use a brush for better results.

Sherwin Williams Painting Tools & Supplies


Purdy Chinex Elite Glide

For pros who have mastered the art of painting, a perfect brush matters. Now, that’s not something that is easy to come by. However, the Purdy Chinex Elite Glide is close enough to perfection. It performs exceptionally with smooth paint release and unmatched durability.

The brush is easy to clean and makes for the perfect tool to apply any paint stylishly and professionally. The best part is that it comes with extra stiff, 100% DupontChinex filaments, which enables it to last for long even with regular use on rough surfaces.

Purdy Pro-Extra Swan

One of the common problems that painters face when it comes to brushes is low holding capacity. This is where the brush holds very little paint, mostly because of how it was designed. But things are different with the Purdy Pro-Extra Swan. It is designed to hold as much paint as possible, which ensures that you work more efficiently.

To make it even more lovable, the filaments are smooth so, you can expect even paint release. This brush is also graced with great durability and can withstand even the roughest of surfaces.

Purdy XL Cub

Purdy owes most of its success to brushes in the XL series. They are a favorite of many customers because of their efficiency and durability.

They are also versatile and work great with a wide array of paints, making them highly convenient.

The Purdy XL Club is one of the most admirable in this category. It’s the perfect brush to use for both exterior and interior paint projects. It performs exceptionally with different types of paints and stains.

It can quickly adapt to different weather conditions, thanks to its stiffness. The bristles are uniquely designed to hold more paint and apply it to floors in an even and smooth manner.

Purdy NyloxElasco

Purdy is known for manufacturing a wide variety of painting products. The Nylox Series comprises some of the most widely used brushes.

We are particularly pretty fond of the NyloxElasco, which is uniquely cut out for use with latex paints.

The bristles are professionally tipped to accomplish a flawless finish, especially with interior painting. They are also durable and you can expect to use them in more than a few projects.

Purdy Black Bristle Tango  

The holding capacity of a brush cannot be emphasized enough. And if you are a pro painter, you understand this.

We have already seen a few brushes with amazing holding capacity. The Black Bristle Tango takes it a notch higher. The brush is carefully designed by combining bristles of varying lengths and stiffness to significantly improve its quality and efficiency.

Roller Covers, Frames & Accessories

Roller Covers  

Purdy Colossus Roller Cover

Just like with brushes, you want a roller cover that holds as much paint as possible. Thankfully, you won’t be looking too far for this. Purdy’s Colossus Roller cover is designed to generously hold paint and evenly release it.

If you want a smooth and stylish finish, go for this product. And although it can carry a large amount of paint, you won’t experience any splattering or dripping.

Pick this one if you have a huge painting project or looking for something that doesn’t wear out on first use. It is efficient as compared to traditional rollers, meaning you can do a lot in a short time. Purdy Golden Eagle

Any accomplished painter will tell you that efficiency is cru6cial. This is especially true when it comes to roller covers.

You are not going to be painting forever. So you need something that will get the job done as quickly as possible. In that case, you will find the Golden Eagle a wonderful painting companion.

It is fast and easy to use, cleaning it is a breeze and it dries up pretty fast.

The roller cover is carefully made from a polyester fabric of high density. You can use it on the interior or exterior of your home and works fine with both water-based and oil-based paints.

Contractor Series Soft Woven Roller Cover

Painting is divine. But only when you do it right. At the end of the job, when you step back and admire your work from a distance, you want it to be perfect. But first, you need the right roller cover. We love the Contractor Series® Soft Woven Roller Cover and we are confident you will love it too.

It is tightly woven and does a great job of leaving painted surfaces smooth and elegant.

Roller Frames  

Purdy Wood Handle Roller Frame

Handcrafted roller frames are the best. They perform exceptionally well and are known to be very easy to roll. The Wood Handle Roller Frame is a good example of a painting gem that is made for eager hands. It’s durable and works very well if you are painting a large area.

It comes with finger grooves and a bucket holder to boost efficiency.

Contractor Series KWIK-Release Roller Frame

If you are looking for a roller frame that feels comfortable in your hand, you will find this one hard to put down. It has a highly ergonomic grip, which means that your hand will not feel tired after long use.

The roller frame has a threaded end in case you want to use it with a standard extension pole. You will also love how the lightweight plastic cage firmly locks the roller cover in place when at work.

In case you want to clean the cover, a simple tap will see it released quickly.

Sherwin-Williams Trim Roller Frame

Got a small painting project? We recommend that you use the 4″ trim roller frame by Sherwin-Williams. If you have a standard 4″ roller cover, you will love how it easily, yet perfectly fits into this frame.

It has a contoured handle that provides for a really firm grip. It doesn’t come with any streak bearings and in case you want to attach to an extension pole, the threaded end will come in handy.


BesttLiebco Wall Refresher

Sometimes, your painting may not be as perfect as you want it to be. At the end of the job, you may see some scratches or scuff marks, which can be very irritating.

In this case, you need a wall refresher. The BesttLiebco Wall Refresher is a particularly exciting choice. It will do a great job of wiping out blemishes on your wall to achieve an impeccable finish.

And that’s not all. This accessory will also store a small amount of paint in case you want to do quick touch-ups in the future.

It is easy to use and can work with all types of water-based paints. It has a simple but efficient on and off button and you can easily remove the roller for a quick cleanup.

In case you want to remove excess paint, simply squeeze the bottle.

Premium XL 5-pc Artist Brush Set

Any professional painter needs more than just one brush. But buying all your favorite brushes one by one can be tedious and expensive. That’s why you need something that has everything you need in one place.

The Premium XL 5 piece artist brush set is any painters dream. It has an enviable selection of brushes for different kinds of projects.

All the brushes in this set are reusable and easy to clean. They are perfect for such projects as stenciling and lettering.

Purdy Brush and Roller Spinner

One thing we love about Purdy products is that they focus on efficiency, durability, and convenience. This means that you won’t need paraphernalia of painting tools to accomplish your job.

This is because one tool can be used for different purposes. Take this Brush and Roller Spinner for instance. You can use it to accomplish different tasks without the need to get additional tools.

The roller spinner will help lengthen the life span of your rollers and paintbrushes by ensuring that they are thoroughly cleaned.

Tape & Masking


ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape Original Multi-Surface        

If you ask any DIY enthusiast or painting professional what masking tape they prefer, there’s a good chance they will mention this one. And for a good reason.

The ScotchBlue™ Original Painter’s Tape has been around for more than 30 years and has managed to build quite a reputation for itself.

This is the perfect tape to use when protecting painted walls, glass, windows, wood trims or tiled floors.

The tape can be effective for more than two weeks and is easy to remove. It doesn’t leave any residue behind and is a great accessory to use when getting a little creative.

Scotch General Purpose Masking Tape

This is a high adhesive tape and should only be used on surfaces that are not easily damaged. This includes wood, vinyl, and carpet.

Get this one if you have a small masking job like hanging poly, labeling, wrapping, taping paper or bundling.

FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

It’s not often that manufacturers will put a lot of effort into making a high-quality tape. Most are shoddy, messy and spoil real fast. That’s why we are in love with the FrogTape Multi-Surface painter’s tape.

Any veteran painter will tell you that this is something you don’t want to miss on your list. It’s a great painting tape that is keenly designed for efficiency and durability.

Instead of settling for the ordinary, the manufacturers took things a notch higher and employed PaintBlock Technology to boost its effectiveness and protective capabilities.

 Masking Film     

3M Hand-Masker Straight Cut Blade

Cutting a masking tape can be really messy if you don’t have the right tool. Luckily for you, The 3M Hand-Masker Straight Cut Blade will do a perfect job.

The stainless blade is not only durable, but also quite sharp. It is 12 inches long and can also be found in 3M M300 Starter Kids.

This is the perfect tool to use in painting where a masker is used to provide additional protection.

Associated Paint Masking Liquid H20

There are a lot of products that put Associated Paint in the limelight, but this one played an even bigger role.

This is a product that has won the hearts of many homeowners and professional painters alike.

But what exactly is the Masking Liquid H2O? It is an acrylic-modified and water-based coating that is uniquely designed to offer quality and convenience. The masking liquid can be used for both exterior and interior projects.

Masking papers

Sherwin-Williams Green Premium Masking Paper

If you are using water or oil-based products such as acrylics and lacquers, you need this masking paper. You can use it to protect door trims and windows in preparation for painting.

You can also use it to prevent floors from paint spills, splatters or over-sprays.

This one is green in color but you can always go for another color.

Trimaco Masking Paper

Trimaco Masking papers come in two colors; brown and green. The brown masking paper is usually used with water-based products such as plaster and latex while the green one is recommended for use with both oil and water-based materials such as acrylics and lacquers.

This masking tape is a great option if you are looking to mask off door trims and windows before painting.

Trimaco X-Paper Flooring Protection

Most masking products are very clumsy to use. If you are looking for something efficient, durable and easy to use, you need to check out Trimaco’s X-Paper. This is a heavy-duty floor protector which is way thicker than most builders’ papers, and ideal for use on floors such as concrete, hardwood, and vinyl.

We like the fact that it’s breathable, which allows floors to be completely cured without interruption. It also repels spills, meaning that there is little chance that it will get messed up.

Sandpaper & Abrasives

Full Circle Flex Air Abrasive Paper

Achieving a smooth finish with commonplace sandpaper is frustrating. You seldom do. In fact, by the time you are done, the entire paper will be worn out.

That’s why we recommend the Flex Air Sandpaper. It is uniquely designed to prevent the accumulation of residue loading, thanks to the Stearate coating, which makes the sandpaper highly resistant to loading, that is, the accumulation of sanded materials on its surface.

3M Pro Grade Precision Ultra Flexible Sanding Roll

Sometimes, you need different shapes to get the job done. The problem is flexible sandpapers are hard to come by. So, if you want to, say, fold or roll it, you might have to use more than a little energy.

But there are a few flexible ones. 3M Pro Grade Precision Ultra Flexible Sanding Roll is our favorite. As the name suggests, it is flexible and super easy to work with.

It has a tough coating, which ensures that you get a smooth finish after sanding. The flexibility also allows the paper to quickly retain its original shape after folding or rolling.

3M Pro-Pak Drywall and Plaster Sanding Sheets

This sanding sheet is designed for use on drywall and plaster. Whether you’re removing old paint or stains in preparation for painting, this sandpaper will do a satisfactory job.

Its coat is made of aluminum oxide, which is tough and ensures the surface you are working on is properly sanded.

Full Circle Radius 360 Air Abrasive Mesh

If circular abrasive papers are your thing, you will love this one. One thing we like about it is that there is very little dust produced when sanding. That’s a common problem with most abrasives.

It’s also easy to use, thanks to the hook and loop backing, which allows you to fasten it when in use. This makes the sanding faster with less hassle. It has diamond cutting edges and can comfortably fit into drywall Sanders of the same shape.

3M All Purpose Sanding Sponge

If you are looking for a versatile sanding material, we are happy to recommend the 3M All Purpose Sanding Sponge. Unlike other abrasives, you can use it to achieve a smooth finish on a variety of surfaces. These include metal, wood, paint, fiberglass, and drywall.

Depending on the surface, you can use it wet or when dry. The sponge can easily be rinsed and reused.

Sherwin Williams Paint

Drop Clothes & Plastic Sheeting

Canvas and Coated  

Trimaco Canvas Drop Cloth 6oz

If you don’t want to mess up surfaces when applying sprays, you need the Trimaco Canvas Drop Cloth. It absorbs spray residues and is very easy to clean. You can always reuse it for different projects.

You can get in different sizes depending on how much surface you want to cover.

Trimaco Eliminator Butyl Drop Cloth

We think this is the most durable of all Trimaco canvas. In fact, the manufacturers claim that it is 225% more slip-resistant. It is also resistant to paint leaks and comes with solid colors on both surfaces.

It’s perfect for most DIY painting projects.

Trimaco Stay Put Canvas Plus

Protect your surfaces from paint leaks with this canvas. It has three absorbent backings to increase its effectiveness.

These are:

  • Nonslip layer
  • Leak-resistant plastic
  • Absorbent canvas fabric

Husky Clear Plastic Sheeting

This is another versatile plastic sheeting. You can use it as a vapor barrier, under concrete or drop cloth. The sheeting can be used on windows, pipes, ducts, floors and so on.

It is easy to fold and is commonly used in acoustical spraying, commercial painting, and plastering.

Caulks, Sealants & Caulking Tools

Caulks & Sealants

Sherwin-Williams 1050 Quick Dry Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk

  • Highly durable
  • Crack-resistant
  • Use for exterior or interior projects
  • Comes with a 55-year warranty
  • Resistant to water damage and other environmental hazards

Finish Max Siliconized Acrylic Elastomeric Sealant

This sealant comes with a 60-year warranty, which we think is great. It is flexible with high adhesive power and can be used for different purposes. You can use it on:

  • Windows and doors
  • Metals
  • Siding and trim
  • Sinks
  • Hardboard
  • Masonry
  • Marble

Caulking Tools

Dripless Ergo-Tech Caulk Gun

This caulk gun was made with your ergonomic needs in mind. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t stress your hand and arm. It has a firm grip and is much lighter than other guns.

Malco CG10 Caulk Gun

This is easy to operate and comes in handy for a variety of caulking tasks. The Malco Caulk gun is light and easy to load.

Patching & Repair

Fillers & Putty

White Lightning Painter’s Putty

This is perfect for sealing off cracks and small holes on wood surfaces. This helps to give the wood a new and stylish finish.

The putty is easy to knead and you can make it into any shape you want. It is packed in water to boost its shelf life and it can be painted.

Minwax Stainable Wood Filler

This wood filler can be used both on the interior and exterior. It makes surfaces resistant to cracking and shrinking.

It dries quickly and in case you want to remove it, you can seamlessly do so with sandpaper.

Spackling & Patching Compounds

Sherwin-Williams Shrink Free Spackling

This is the best product to use for all your spackling needs. It is highly effective in sealing cracks in windows and doors, drywall joints, indentations caused by nails and other types of openings.

It is resistant to cracking and shrinking. It has powerful adhesion, dries fast and can easily be painted.

Sherwin-Williams Spackling and Patching Compound – C70

This is easy to apply due to its smooth consistency. It can be sanded to achieve a smooth and hard finish without the risk of shrinking.

The patching compound comes ready to use, so you won’t need to do any pre-application preparations. It dries fast and is unlikely to shrink  It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

White Lightning Colorcue Lightweight Spackling Compound

We love the fact that this spackling compound has hardly any odor. It is made by combining resins and top quality pigments, which makes it both effective and stylish.

It is not prone to cracking or shrinking since it doesn’t contain any water. The compound is also resistant to rust and can easily be sanded and painted to achieve a smooth and classic finish.

You can use it to seal cracks or voids in the walls.

Painter’s Tools

Purdy Contractor Flexible Joint Knife

All painters need this knife! It comes with not only a firm grip handle, but also a lifetime guarantee.

The carbon steel blade will ensure that the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Purdy Contractor Stiff Chisel Scraper

A chisel scraper comes in handy during any painting project. This one has a handle designed to allow for a firm grip and stability.

The steel blade is sharp and highly durable.

American Line Folding Utility Knife With 6 Blades

This is our favorite. It is flexible and highly versatile. Apart from your painting projects, you can also use it for cutting stuff around the house, fishing or hunting.

The fact that you can fold it makes it easy to store and carry around. It’s also safe that way.

It has a durable blade that is uniquely made for fast cutting.

Purdy Long Handle Wire Brush

You can make surfaces smooth or remove old paint before repainting with this wire brush. It is a better alternative to abrasives and sandpapers.

It has a long handle with multiple grip positions. And if you want to access tight areas, you can remove the scraper.

It has crisscrossed rust-resistant bristles, which makes it two times faster than other brushes.

Bull Dog Power Products Heavy Duty Floor Light

Sometimes, proper lighting is necessary when painting. If you don’t have adequate lighting, you can use this heavy-duty floor light.

It has a 500-watt weatherproof fixture and can light large areas.

Cleaning Supplies

SuperDeck Deck Wash

You always need a clean surface before painting. Whether it’s stains or fresh paint spills, you need a good washer to get the job done quickly.

The SuperDeck Deck Wash is perfect for removing stains on your decks.

Acme Easy Grip Aqua Sponge

This is a durable aqua sponge that is ideal for cleaning surfaces before painting. It is a highly absorbent material that is solvent resistant and rarely dries.

It is composed of hydrophilized poly, which makes it stronger and more absorbent.

Buffalo Industries Recycled White T-Shirt Cloth Rags

You probably know that rags from clothes last more than paper cleaners. This white T-shirt cloth rag is recycled from old clothing and fashioned into relevant sizes.

They are affordable, but still good at what they do. You can use them for cleaning paint spills and stains or dusting and polishing.

They are also soft and highly absorbent, thanks to the high amount of cotton content.

Big Time Products Cut Resistant Glove

Protecting your hands while painting is paramount. Using gloves is probably your preferred way of protection. But it’s not always easy to find a pair that can resist abrasion and cutting.

That’s why you need these cuts-resistant gloves, which are made of unique fibers to make them highly resistant to cuts and wear.

Safety Equipment

3M Professional Paint Respirator

Protect yourself from harmful paint sprays and solvents using this respirator. It uses a unique technology to allow for easy breathing and heat reduction.

3M SecureFit Safety Eyewear

This is perfect for protecting your eyes from sprays and other paint residues. It’s comfortable and easily adjusts to fit different sizes.

It uses 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology to make it more comfortable and secure.

Trimaco Basic Coveralls

Whether you are working on a DIY painting project or doing a professional contract, you need this protective clothing. It is lightweight and feels comfortable.

You can protect your clothes and skin from paint spills and grime stains while enjoying the cool and comfy breathable fabric.

Solvents & Removers

Crown Paint Thinner

The Crown Paint Thinner is quite popular among professional painters. It is commonly used for thinning enamels, oil-based paints, and varnishes.

The solvent will significantly boost brushing qualities.

Startex Acetone

This is also used as a thinner. It is effective, evaporates fast and is widely used by painters. You can also use it to remove resins, adhesives, vinyl, lacquers, and epoxies.

Common Questions

1. Where do I buy Sherwin Williams paint?

You can buy Sherwin Williams paints from their stores or at Lowe’s. Feel free to use their store locator to find a store near you-

2. Who sells Sherwin Williams paint?

Sherwin Williams paints are sold from the company’s stores, but you can also buy at Lowe’s. The company struck a deal with Lowe’s to make it the sole retailer of their home paints.

3. How much is a gallon of Sherwin Williams paint?

The price depends on the type of paint and finishes you want. It widely varies from paint to paint and also changes occasionally.

To get the current prices of your favorite paints, feel free to visit Lowe’s or Sherwin Williams stores.

4. Does Home Depot sell Sherwin Williams paint?

No. Sherwin Williams paints are only sold on their standalone stores and Lowe’s.

5. Is Sherwin Williams paint good?

Although they are fairly expensive compared to other brands, most Sherwin Williams paints are of high quality. They are durable, versatile and have some of the most luxurious finishes.

6. What is Sherwin Williams LRV?

This is the measure of the amount of light reflected by any given paint color. It is measured on a scale of 0-100 with 0 being the darkest and 100 the brightest.

7. Can Sherwin Williams match Behr paint?

Both products have their own pros and cons. Most of Sherwin Williams paints are more expensive than Behr paints. We like to think that this is because Sherwin Williams carries a little bit more weight.

However, you will find that Sherwin Williams has some better paints than Behr’s and vice versa.

8. Can you return paint to Sherwin Williams?

Yes. According to their return policy, you can return the paint for a full refund but there are some conditions to be met.

These include:

  • The return should be made within 30 days
  • The paint should not have been custom ordered
  • Paints designated as non-returnable on the website cannot be returned
  • The paint should be returned in their original condition without having been tampered with

9. Does Sherwin Williams accept old paint?

Sherwin Williams partnered with PaintCare to collect old or unwanted oil-based and latex paints. They also accept stains and varnish without any charge.

We hope that this guide helps you make better decisions when it comes to buying Sherwin Williams products. If you have any inquiries, suggestions or complaints, feel free to share them and we will get back to you.

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