21 House Painting Tools and Accessories


Whether you are looking to save some cash or simply have fun painting your home, you will need to have the right tools to make the painting project a breeze. Don’t be fooled by the simple DIY painting videos on YouTube. They look easy because the YouTubers are professionals and have the right tools for the job.

Now, if you are not a professional (yet), don’t expect that it will happen overnight. And yes, no amount of binge-watching the DIY painting project videos will turn you into one. But on the bright side, what you lack in experience you can make up for in having the right tools. In this piece, we shall outline everything you need to make your painting project a success and easier, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

1.  Slobproof Paint Touch Up Pen

Imagine this. You spend a whopping 6 hours painting your house. You follow the painting process to the letter and are sure you’ve done a great job. You clean up the house and stand to admire the work of your hands. But your 15 seconds of happiness and pride in your work is destroyed by a tiny spot you missed in a corner. How come you didn’t notice it earlier? Was the spot covered or was it just an oversight? And now that you’ve noticed it do you have to take unpack your painting tools just for that one spot? And we all know that the moment you do that you’ll end up painting an even larger portion, right?

Now imagine if there was a simpler way to get the touch up done in seconds. Well, there is. All you need is a touch-up pen. Take it out and simply up the spot you missed as a child would do in a coloring book. Quite handy, right? Now, the Slobproof touch-up pen is long-lasting and easy to use. It is reusable and is 100% risk-free.

2.  Telescoping Roller Pole – Shur-Line 6630C

When you are planning for a painting project, many homeowners don’t factor in the fact that they will have to paint some pretty high spots. This is a rookie mistake most people make. But unless you give basketball players a run for their height, then you will need a way to extend your reach to the ceiling and other high places in your home.

Now, you could use a ladder for this but what if you are afraid of heights. And truth be told, at times even a ladder isn’t enough to get you to reach the desired spots, especially if you are painting your home’s exterior.

So instead, invest in a roller pole. Luckily, this gadget is cheap and is available in hardware stores and online stores. And here’s the kicker, they are reusable and come in varying lengths. Heck, some of them feature adjustable lengths.

With this tool, you’ll save a lot of time, save your arm a lot of strain and last but not least, remain grounded and still get the job done. Even Better, the Shur-line 6630C comes with a built-in 9-inch roller frame.

3.  Paint Sprayer – Rexbeti Electric Paint Sprayer

If you are planning your very first painting project, then you are probably thinking of using paint brushes and rollers. Now, while these can get the job done, there is a tool that is even more efficient and faster – a paint spray.

 No, paint sprayers are not for professional painters only. Actually, you’ll be shocked at the variety available and how affordable they are.

But aside from speed, in what ways are they beneficial? Well, first, given the fact that they spray paint onto surfaces, they do a good job even on rough and uneven surfaces – those nooks and crannies that are impossible to reach. They do this while affording you a professional finish.

And here’s the best part. When you use a paint sprayer properly, it will save you a lot of paint which translate into money saved.

4.  Small Brushes – LG Harris 13190

Many homeowners make the mistake of underestimating the power of small painting brushes. When they are buying their supplies, they only get a one-size and convince themselves that it will do the job. Well, it will, but when it gets to the detailing, a large brush will be quite messy.

If your project is to turn out like one done by a professional, you’ll need the edges to be perfect and flawless. A small painting brush can help you achieve this look. When shopping for brushes, invest in different brush sizes.

And the best part is that they are cheap and can be found online and in local hardware stores.

5.  OGord Aluminum Extension Ladder

Borrowing a ladder is not something you plan on doing, right? In that case, you should invest in a quality multipurpose extension ladder like the OGord Aluminum Extension Ladder.

This ladder will enable you to reach all the high places you’d otherwise not reach. It can extend to 12.5 ft. and it has a locking feature which locks all steps in place using steel locking pins. These pins are spring loaded and as such automatically spring into action when the ladder is opened.

The ladder can support 330 pounds when opened to 75 degrees. It is certified by the European Safety Standard and can be used at home or at work.

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6.  3M Hand-Masker

The process of masking surfaces to protect them from paint runs, roller mist, drips, and oversprays can be tedious. And quite honestly, your time is better off spent doing other things. But when you’ve come to your wit’s end with this tedious process, the 3M hand masker dispenser comes to the rescue.

This tool is designed to feed tape onto paper directly. It is lightweight and doesn’t require any maintenance over time. With its quick and easy application process, you will end up slicing a huge chunk of time from your painting preparation, floor sanding, exterior wall finishing, and ceiling texturing.

7.  Plastic Tray

When using rollers to paint, you’ll also need to get a paint tray. Painting trays are designed to make the use of rollers a little less messy and improve their efficiency. Without a paint tray, you’ll waste a lot of paint using a roller.

Now, this Wooster Brush paint tray is made of solid plastic measuring 0.06 inches in thickness. With such thickness, the tray won’t flex when full of paint and is being transported from one spot to another. The inside dimensions are 16” x 11” which means the tray can accommodate even large rollers. And the fact that it’s made from plastic means you don’t have to worry about it rusting after a while. Additionally, the plastic used is solvent proof.

8.  Wooster Brush Tray Liner

Now that you are sold on investing in a painting tray, it’s important that you follow it up with a tray liner. You see, while paint trays do a good job in ensuring your roller painting job is not messy, you still have to clean it. This means using paint thinners to clean the paint off the tray. But here’s some good news. You don’t have to. You can invest in a tray liner and bid the cumbersome clean-up process bye-bye.

This tray liner comes in a pack of 12. This means that you can use the pack for 12 projects (assuming you’ll be using one for each). We should also point out that this tray liner measures 11 inches and fits perfectly on the Wooster Paint Tray.

Last but not least, aside from making your clean-up process a breeze, this liner will also protect the tray and extend its life by protecting it from cracks.

9.  CoverGrip Drop Cloth

If you are a messy painter, you should consider investing in a drop cloth. A drop cloth will help to protect your floor from the paint that inevitably finds its way to the ground. They are super easy to fold and one of the most convenient ways of protecting your floors from paint.

And in case you are wondering, yes, we fell these are better than the traditional canvas drop cloths. Why? Well for one, the canvas drops don’t stay put. Sure there’s the option of taping the edges down but why would you bother yourself when you could get a CoverGrip Drop Cloth?

This drop cloth though it’s made from canvas has tiny slip-resistant rubber dots. These dots stick to tile, wood, granite, and marble floors. It measures 8’ x 10’. However, we should point out that this piece is not waterproof.

10.  Metabo Paint Stripper

When you are doing a remodeling project and need to paint, chances are you’ll first need to get rid of the initial paint first for great results. Most homeowners often settle for paint scrapers. And while these do a good job, the process is rather slow and tiresome. The Metabo Paint Stripper is an electric tool that will help you to get rid of the paint in a matter of minutes.

You can use it to remove paint and varnish from wooden surfaces. Given that it’s electric, you’ll save about 70% of your time compared to traditional methods. Along with this tool, you get 4 reversible blades (carbide). This paint stripper is powerful and runs at 11,000 RPM. It can reach all edges and corners.

11.  Graco Sprayer Tip Extension

Sprayer tip extensions are designed to attach to spray guns just like their regular tips. However, they add an extra 10 inch or 30 inches to your sprayer’s reach. This is a great tool to have to use when spraying ceilings, recessed and low areas and any other hard to reach space. With a sprayer tip extension, you get to reduce the number of times you have to move your ladder.

One of the best sprayer tips for the job is the Graco 243040. This tool attaches to spray guns from Graco and increase spray reach by 10 inches. It’s also important to point out that this piece is made from aluminum and is s such quite durable and lightweight.

12.  Bates Painters Tape

When you want to design your wall, or you intend to block off some parts of the wall to prevent them from accidentally getting painted, then you should get a quality painters tape. Unlike other types of tapes that prove to be difficult to remove from the walls, the painter’s taps come off with ease. They leave you with a sharp edge. One of the best tapes on the market is Bates painter’s tape.

This tape is available in the color blue and measures inches x 54 yards. It can be used on both treated and untreated wood, on metal, porcelain, metal, glass, textured surfaces, and tiles. The tape will stay on regardless of the current humidity and temperature.

13.  Corner Edges – Stack Rack

Even when you have painters tape painting around the corners of doors, cabinets and windows can prove to be some tricky business. For this reason, it is important that you invest in a corner edge. Corner edges are made from plastic. They are designed to fit around corners of cupboards and moldings that you want to protect from accidental paints and spills. They help in keeping the edges clean and neat.

The Stak Rack is a 4-in-1 painter’s accessory. It is one of the best corner edges pack on the market. Stak Rack features an innovative design which makes it a revolutionary triangular design. It helps you to save time, space and all the hassle that comes in avoiding drips in corners. This rack is perfect for those who tackle multiple projects at a time.

14.  Husky 14-in-1 Painter’s Tool

As a painter, you’ll need to have a toolbox for your project. However, coming up with the ultimate painter’s toolbox (made up of quality tools) can be difficult and expensive. You might end up spending a fortune on tools that you might use only once in your life. So to save yourself the cash but still have all the tools you need, you should invest in a Husky 14-in-1 painting tool.

From its name, you probably can guess how many functions it can provide you with – 14! That is super cool, right? It has the functionality of a chisel scraper, a spreader, paint can opener, roller cleaner, a can opener, nut wrench, a bit holder and a hammer. It also has a crack opener, a nail puller, concave scraper and convex.

So, when you come across nails in the wall that you need to be gone, just pull this tool out and get rid of it. When you want to open the otherwise stubborn paint can, take it out and let it work its magic.

This tool is made from steel and is therefore super strong and sturdy. It is also durable since it’s rust resistant.

15.  Paint Guide – Edwards Tools 12” Paint Guard

Using a paint guide will make the process of painting against a carpet, cabinet or other floors a breeze. These guides help in reducing the chances of accidentally spilling paint on the carpet or other floors. A paint guide is especially important when you are painting the floorboard because any paint that lands on the carpet can cause the carpet fibers to stick to your floorboard. And while you are thinking of getting a paint guide, think of getting a long one.

Long paint guides will reduce the hassle of moving it constantly and will reduce the trimming process.

The Edwards Tools Paint Guide measures 12”. It is of great length and thickness to afford you precision painting on the edges of carpets, floors, and ceilings. It’s made from steel which makes it easy to clean and gives it durability.

16.  Louisville Ladder Guard

When you are using a ladder in your house or outside, you don’t want it to damage your wall. Many homeowners place cloths on the ladder edges but we all know that these aren’t that effective against the weight exerted. Your best chance of protecting your wall from damage is by using a ladder guard.

The Louisville ladder guide is elegantly designed and has a super smooth finish. It is made to fit on single, aluminum and fiberglass ladders. It does a great job of protecting the walls the ladder rests on.

17.  Ladder Leveller – Levelizer

It’s not every time you’ll be working on level ground from time to time, you’ll have to mount your ladder on slanted or uneven ground. Working on such ground is risky – a slight wobble and you will find yourself kissing the ground hard and passionately. To ensure you are safe even on uneven ground, you should invest in a Levilzer. The Levilzer is designed to level the ladder in seconds.

It is lightweight and as such portable. The best part is that you can use it on step ladders and on extension ladders as well. It is easy to use and doesn’t even need special instructions.

18.  Custom Colored Caulk – Sascho Custom Color Caulk

The walls of your kitchen are painted some shade of green. The granite countertop you got during the remodeling process is turquoise. So which caulk will you use to seal the backsplash? Will you use brown, white or almond? Or maybe you don’t like any of these options.

If you find yourself in this situation, the Sascho Exact Color Caulk will come to your rescue. Simply mix an oz. of the wall paint you have left into the color tube of the Sascho color kit and you’ll get a whole tube of the exact shade of green on your wall. Getting an exact match has never been easier.

19.  Hyde 28020 Spray Shield

When you are spraying paint onto your wall, you ought to be careful not to spray unwanted areas. Unfortunately, tapes don’t do much in protecting surfaces from paint sprays.

So what other options does one have? Well, you can go for the Hyde Tool Spray Shield. This is mostly used by professionals. But who says it cannot be used by a DIYer? It is made from aluminum and protects surfaces from runoff lip. Its pivot allows you to adjust the system to any angle you please.

You can also use it with an extension pole to reach the high places.

20.  Purdy Roller and Brush Spinner

When you’ve finished your project successfully and are pleased with the work you’ve done, it’s now time to clean up. Part of the cleaning process includes cleaning the paint brushes and the rollers. If you’ve done the cleaning before, you know it can be a tedious process. It takes time to remove paint from the tools.

But here’s some good news – you dot have to struggle with the cleaning ever again. With this brush and roller spinner, the cleaning will be done in a few minutes.

However, make sure you have the tool contained in a bucket, lest you will make a huge mess in the room.

21.  Handy Paint Pail

If you are using a paintbrush holding a paint bucket can be tedious. And since you aren’t using a roller, a paint tray will be cumbersome to use. The best painting tool to use in this case is a handy paint pail.

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The Bercom Handy Paint Pail is ergonomically designed. Additionally, it has an adjustable strap which will give it a perfect fit regardless of your hand’s size. Even better, you can attach it to your belt for freehand use and painting.

And that’s not all. The pain comes with a magnetic brush holder built into its design. Last but not least, it features a brushscraper which helps in clean and neat painting.

Over the years, DIY projects have shot through the roof (https://paintersinbergencountynj.com/painting/20-house-painting-statistics-and-analysis/)

For this reason, the industry has seen an increase in painting tools and accessories – anything that will make DIY painting a breeze.

To have a successful DIY project, you should take advantage of these innovative and functional tools. They’ll help you finish the project faster, save cash an above all, avoid all the unnecessary hassles that come with painting projects.

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