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The earliest inhabitants of Wyckoff were the Lenni Lenape who lived north of the Raritan River. They spoke Munsee, which was a dialect of Algonquian.

Many buildings and stores in the community are named after the name of the area – Sicomac, which means happy hunting ground’ or resting place for the departed.’ In those days, this area was a traditional burial ground for May of the Lenni Lenape who passed on, including their famous leader Chief Oratam.

The area that is Wyckoff in the present times was under the Saddle River Township. The township included the entire area west of Saddle River. In 1771, the township was split, and the area that had Wyckoff became Franklin Township. By the mid-1750s the area was home to about 100 families. At the time, Franklin Township consisted of present-day Ho-Ho-Kus, Ridgewood, Oakland, Midland Park, Franklin Lakes, and Wyckoff.

The size of the township gradually reduced as some portions seceded from other towns that were being incorporated at the time. Franklin Lakes was formed in 1922. By around 1922, Franklin Township only included Wyckoff. And in 1926, the residents that called Franklin Township home voted for its name changed to the Township of Wyckoff.

The earliest settlers in the region (that history takes note of) were William and John Van Voor Haze who bought a whopping 550 acres in the region in 1720. Other settlers that followed were mostly Dutch and included Quackenbushes, Pulises, Terhunes, Van Horns, Vanderhoffs, and Ackermans.

By the year 1940, the population in the Township of Wyckoff was a little under 4000, which included 100 families. Also, 30% of the occupied land was used for farming. However, by 1969, the number of farms had reduced to 13 (these 13 farmlands occupied 3 acres, which was a meager 6% of the borough). By 2012, there were only two farmlands remaining- the Goffle Road Poultry Farm and Abma’s Farm. These two are the only Live Markets left in Bergen County.

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