Westwood House Painting

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Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Westwood NJ

Westwood is referred to as the Hub of Pascack Valley. As of 2010, the borough had a population of 10908, which was a significant decline from 91 during the 2000 census. Before its fame, glory, and splendor, Westwood was nothing (more on this later).

The borough was incorporated in May of 1894 and was created from parts of Washington Township. Its creation occurred during the early stages of the Boroughitis Phenomenon which swept through Bergen County in 1894. In this year, 26 boroughs were created through the New Jersey Legislation.

Isaac D. Bogert was elected to serve as the borough’s first mayor. In 1909, Westwood was enlarged by the annex of a portion of Emerson borough in 1957.

Now, let’s look back in time to when Westwood was not all that. A couple of centuries ago, in the 1600s, the area was occupied by the Lenni Lenape. These people were transient hunters until the Europeans began to stream in around the mid-1700s. And in the 19th century, this region would transform into a form that would grow into the present-day borough. At the time, it was a part of Harrington Township.

Painting your home

Painting is a remodeling project that does wonders to a home. When you first bought your home, it was what you always wanted (minus a few things here and there that you touched up). But with time, it has become this boring space that feels like it is sucking the life out of you. If that’s your home, then painting is a project that you need to take up.

What will painting do for your home?

First, the painting will improve the general aesthetics of your house. Depending on the color theme you choose, your home will be transformed into a comfortable haven.

Second, it will protect the surfaces from moisture and smoke, and your home’s look and feel will last for longer.

Third, given the fact that paint protects the surfaces, making them look elegant and last longer, you will save money in the long run.

Why should you pick us?

With so many painting companies around, why in the world would you pick us over them? Well, for a couple of reasons:

  • We only work with professional and expert painters. Our painters know what they need to do and deliver quality results that last long.
  • Our painters have a wealth of experience. They have been working for a number of years. And during these years, they’ve worked on numerous projects in Bergen County. As it is, there are very high chances that they have handled a project similar to yours in the past. You are therefore guaranteed success.
  • We work with quality paint, painting accessories, and tools. These help us to deliver quality results in a timely fashion. Our state of the art tools ensures that we are safe even when we are performing some balancing acts and painting some difficult to reach spots in your home.

Our Services Include:

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