Washington Township House Painting

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Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Washington Township NJ

The Lenni Lenape Indians were the first inhabitants of the Washington Township. Over time, their history and culture have been passed down through generations in their names. Two of the most common names are Kinderkamack and Pascack. However, when the Europeans began arriving and making the area their home, the Lenni Lenape were displaced. It is estimated that by the 1750s, 90% of the Lenni Lenape population had been decimated by the European settlement, European diseases, and the American war.

Now, the Township of Washington was made through a New Jersey Legislature in April of 1840. The township was created using parts of Saddle River and Hackensack River that were previously portions of Harrington Township. At the time it was being created, it measured about 30 square miles. It’s also worth noting that the town was named after George Washington.

Fun fact – more than 10 communities in the US were named after George Washington, the first president. Additionally, Washington Township is one of 5 municipalities named after George Bush in New Jersey. An example of the other includes Washington Borough (Washington Township surrounds this borough).

After the civil war, growth and development exploded. This was following the completion of the railway that connected New Jersey to New York. The railway went through Pascack Valley.

Painting the Township of Washington

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