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Wallington is nested in the southern part of Bergen County. The Saddle and Passaic Rivers flow along its borders in the northwest and give the district a cute heart shape.

Although the district is only 1 square mile, it houses a rich history that dates back to the 1600s. However, the borough was only incorporated in December of 1894 during the Boroughitis phenomenon. But before the borough’s incorporation, a lot of events had taken place that shaped the area into what it is today.

Eons ago, the Passaic River was bigger than it is today. Back then, it extended to Shueehank hill. The lowlands formed part of the bottom of the river. But as geography changed, a portion of the Passaic River deviated from the main river flow and created an island in Wallington. Eventually, this island was made part of the mainland.

Before the Europeans ever set foot on this land, the area was inhabited by Indians. And though the Indians never officially settled in the area due to the freshest river floods, a lot of fishing and camping took place along the river.

The Europeans who triggered the development of the area arrived in 1668. The first Europeans to set foot on the land were Captain Jon Berry, Robert Vauquellin, and William Sanford. They explored the land between the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers. Eventually, Sanford and Berry bought land in the area.

Following this, in 1687, Walling Jocobse, a gentleman hailing from the Netherlands, bought a large tract of land that was called Acquacknonk. He built a house in the area that is currently Main Avenue and Paterson Avenue. And for a while, the house was used for public meetings and conferences for persons who were interested in effecting change in the government.

For the better part of the 1700s, the area was known for farming. But this changed after the American Revolution, which greatly affected the peace and serenity in the region. After the revolution, buildings started being set up, as well as roads. The community began experiencing peace as the slaves were freed.

Adding to this, a lot of political changes have occurred in the region, and development has taken place. This has transformed the area to develop into the beauty it is today.

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