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According to the 2010 US Census, Teterboro had a population of 67 people. And believe it or not, this was an increase of 49 people from the 2000 census, which recorded a population of 18 people.

Teterboro airport is in Teterboro and is operated by the New York Port Authority. The airport takes up a significant portion of the borough as well as parts of Moonachie and Hasbrouck Heights.

Teterboro was incorporated back in 1917 and was formed from parts of Little Ferry, Moonachie, and Lodi Township.

In 1918, the borough was expanded through an area that was annexed from Hasbrouck Heights.

The name Teterboro came from Walter C. Teter, who was a New Yorker investment banker. Walter had bought land in this area in 1917 to build a large racetrack. In the process, he purchased a 700-acre site that included reclaimed marshland and built an airport as well as an 18-hole golf course. The name Teterboro was changed back in 1937 to Bendix. However, in 1943, the borough’s name was changed back to Teterboro.

Throughout the years, the neighboring boroughs, including South Hackensack and Hasbrouck Heights have tried to dissolve Teterboro and absorb the borough’s ratables, but they haven’t been successful. Some people even argue that the district is too tiny and has a small population to justify its existence as an independent borough. But despite the numerous arguments, the dissolution attempts have been unsuccessful, courtesy of the resident’s resistance, municipal officials, and business owners.

The closest the district came to dissolution was when Senator Robert M. Gordon brought a bill to the state senate that would divide the borough among the towns that surround it. It was met with a lot of pushback, and eventually, it didn’t go through.

Being a small borough, it measures only 1.158 square miles; 1.157 square miles of dry land, and 0.003 square miles of water.

It is bordered by Little Ferry, Hasbrouck Heights, Hackensack, South Hackensack, and Moonachie.

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