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Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Tenafly NJ

Tenafly had a population of 14488 by 2010. This was an increase in comparison to the 2000 Census, which recorded a population of 13806 people. Given its proximity to New York City, Tenafly forms part of its suburbs.

The earliest Europeans to set foot in Tenafly were the Dutch (like in most boroughs in Bergen County). The Dutch began to populate this region in the late 1600s. The name given to the district was derived from a Dutch phrase iene Viy’ which translates to Ten Swamps. The name was given to the area by the Dutch in 1688. Other naming origins cite the connection of the name to a meadow in the region.

Tenafly was incorporated in 1894 during the Boroughitis phenomenon which was sweeping through Bergen County at the time. The borough was formed from parts of the Palisades Township (now defunct) following a referendum.

According to the New Jersey Magazine, Tenafly was ranked in 7th place as one of the best places you can live in New Jersey (this was in 2013).

The borough measures 5.184 square miles. This includes 4.601 square miles of dry land as well as 0.583 square miles of water. It is bordered by Cresskill, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Bergenfield, The Bronx, and Alpine.

The street plan and its development were determined by the valleys and hills in the region. The eastern portion of the borough is called ast Hill’ since it’s higher than the rest of the borough. In this portion, the land rises and gives a beautiful view of the Hudson River.

Painting projects

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