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Teaneck is one of the municipalities that form the New York suburb. According to the 2010 Census, the region had a population of 39776. This was an increase of 516 from the previous Census (2000), which registered a population of 39260.

In 2010, Teaneck Township was ranked the 2nd most populated municipality (out of 70) in Bergen County. In the first place was Hackensack, which had a total of 43010 people living in it.

Teaneck came to be through a legislative act in New Jersey State in 1895. It was formed from parts of Ridgefield Township and Englewood Township (these townships are now Defunct). The borough was also formed from Leonia and Bogota.

Teaneck is located at the junction of the Eastern Terminal of Interstate 80 and 95. The township is split into south and north portions. It’s also worth noting that the commercial development is concentrated in 4 shopping areas, including Teaneck Road, DeGraw Avenue, Cedar Lane, Queen Anne Road, and West Englewood Avenue.

The fact that Teaneck is located at the crossroads of a railway, road, rivers, and other geographical features makes it a site in which many historical events have taken place over the years. Many of these events occurred during the American Revolution. And though the borough took a significant hit during this period, it bounced back quite nicely.

Painting in Teaneck NJ Borough

Painting is one of the most popular remodeling projects in Bergen County (and there’s a good reason for this). You see, painting has numerous benefits in comparison to other remodeling projects.

Repainting your home seals out the moisture

Moisture can cause you a lot of problems with both your exterior and interior surfaces. When it penetrates the surface, it can cause the structure to weaken and even change color, thus transforming a once beautiful surface into an ugly part of your home you’d prefer not to look at.

Unfortunately, not all paints have moisture-resistant qualities. But luckily for you, we invest in quality paint that will lock out the moisture and keep your surfaces safe from moisture. Overall, these paints increase the lifeline of your surfaces and avoid ugly spots in your house.

Covers Stains

Painting your home can do a great job of covering a stain on your surface. It helps bring out the beauty of your home once again. However, you need to be careful about this. Before you paint over any stain, you should ensure that you take care of its cause. Painters in Bergen County NJ ensures that it inspects the surface for the cause of the stain before painting over it. This makes sure that the paint job will last longer.

Improves your home’s value

Believe it or not, painting your home has the potential to increase its value by a whopping 300%. However, just like any other work of art, the painting job needs to be really good. We have professionals who will handle the project for you as they are highly skilled and experienced in handling painting projects. The chances of success in your project are almost guaranteed.

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