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Saddle Brook Township went through the geological transitions that the Northern New Jersey area and New York went through over the centuries. At some point, the region was all sea, and New York was covered with a chain of active volcanoes.

Yes, in those years, the Hadrosaur dinosaurs and other flying reptiles graced the land and the skies. However, about 200,000 eons ago, glaciers descended from present-day Canada. Melting ice caps cut channels through the land to form the water bodies, including Lake Hackensack. In time, the lake dried up, and low wetlands were left behind (it is these wetlands that contribute significantly to flooding in the area in the current times).

Eventually, beautiful and thick forests grew, which attracted wildlife, including elks, deers, mammoths, and fowls. These, in turn, attracted hunting communities. Speaking of hunting communities, the Lenni Lenape were the earliest and original settlers of the region.

In the early 1600s, Dutch settlers came to the area and made it their home. One thing led to another, and the British came and took over in 1662.

Over the years, the boundaries of Saddle Brook have changed immensely. At first, it was a part of Essex County and then Passaic County, and lastly, Bergen County. Saddle Brook was also a part of a division known as New Barbados. It wasn’t until 1709 that Bergen County extended past the West side of Saddle River.

The earliest mention of Saddle River Township was in 1716 when bounties in the region were killing wolves. Through the centuries, the original Lenni Lenape Indians succumbed to smallpox and other deadly diseases (at the time) and slowly went into extinction.

Now, Saddle Brook was incorporated in 1894 when Glen Rock, Lodi, Wallington, Garfield, Elmwood Park, Fair Lawn, and East Paterson split off. The remaining land formed Saddle Brook Borough. Note that at the time of incorporation Saddle Brook was known as Saddle River Township. The name was changed in 1955.

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