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Professional Painters in Rockleigh NJ

In 2010, Rockleigh had a population of 531, which was a major increase from 391 in the 2000 Census. Clearly, this is a small and close-knit community. The borough borders Alpine, a community that was ranked one of the most expensive by Forbes. And being close to it, Rockleigh borough also has a similar character. This much is clear from the big single-family homes built on large pieces of land.

Rockleigh was incorporated in 1923 through a legislative act in New Jersey. The action to incorporate it was based on the referendum held in April of 1923. The borough was formed using parts of Northvale County.

It’s also worth noting that Rockleigh was ranked the 13th best place to live in NJ by the New Jersey Monthly Magazine (2008 Edition).

The borough occupies 0.976 square miles of land with 0.969 square miles of land and 0.007 square miles of water. It is about 25 miles from Manhattan and is bordered by Norwood, Northvale, and Alpine in Bergen County and Tappan in Rockland County.

Professional Painters

When handling a painting project, it is imperative that you hire a professional instead of turning it into a DIY. We know that a DIY project seems easy (that’s what many YouTubers make it out to be), but that’s not always the case.

To get excellent and eye-catching results, you will need a professional by your side such as Painters in Bergen County NJ. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire us for your project:

We are licensed and insured

A lot of things could go wrong in a painting project, especially if you are painting high and hard-to-reach spots like on the ceiling or the sidings on your roof. When using a ladder, a painter could slip and fall. And at times, projects turn out to be disasters. When this happens, in most cases (when working with other painters), you’ll be forced to foot the medical bill or the cost of repainting the house. This isn’t cheap.

Working with us, however, you can rest easy that the company will cover any additional costs like those explained above. After all, that’s what insurance is for.

Our experts are experienced

When working with us, we will provide you with experienced experts. Our painters have handled numerous projects before, and there’s a high chance they’ve handled a project that’s similar to yours successfully. A quick look at our testimonials will give you confidence in our work, expertise, and professionalism.

We are a specialized painting company

Unlike many companies, we only handle painting projects. This gives us the ability to invest in quality paints, tools, accessories, and training for our experts. And since the industry is continually evolving, we find the need to update our painters’ skills and knowledge of new trends and tech in the industry.

Our Services Include:

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