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As of 2010, Rochelle Township had a population of 5530 people. This was an increase from the 2000 Census, which recorded a population of 5528.

What is presently known as Rochelle Park was initially incorporated under the name Midland Township back in March 1871. The township had been formed from parts of New Barbadoes Township.

In 1894, parts of the township were ceded to the newly formed Delford borough (now called Oradell), Riverside, Maywood, and Paramus.

Rochelle Park was established through a legislative act in November of 1929 and replaced Midland Township. The referendum results that cemented the decision to make the change were 503 to 69. The driving force behind the name change was to avoid the confusion that was being made between it and Midland Park.

The new Rochelle Parks name was derived from La Rochelle, a port city in France.

According to the Census Bureau in the US, the township occupies a total of 1053 square miles of land. It includes 1041 square miles of land and 0.022 square miles of water. Rochelle is bordered by Maywood, Saddle Brook, Paramus, Lodi, and Fair Lawn boroughs. Additionally, the district has a diverse demographic, including Whites, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Latinos, among others.

Painting Projects

At Painters in Bergen County NJ, we understand that finding the right painter is not a walk in the park. It can be overwhelming. And since we want you to have the best time of your life, we’ve dedicated our time and effort to helping you look after your property. Painting is the best way we know how to.

How painting can help you take care of your property

When done right, painting can;

•  Protect your home’s exterior from extreme weather and climate conditions, including rain, sun, and snow

•  Attract higher prices when you are selling your home

•  Improve your home’s aesthetics and provide you with great comfort

What we offer:

Safety – we come armed to the teeth with high-quality paint, painting tools, and accessories. We have ladders, roller extensions, painting buckets, tapes to protect the edges of your surfaces that don’t need to be painted, and many more tools. In addition to this, we are knowledgeable about the processes of handling lead-based paint.

Supervise – though we have experienced and skilled painting experts in our team, we still have individuals who supervise all the work. The supervisors ensure that the daily quotas are met and that the project is completed within the deadline.

Free quotation – there’s nothing as refreshing as planning a budget and managing to stick to it. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not able to do this because they are not experts in painting and don’t know what would be needed to complete the project successfully beforehand. Luckily, with us on board, you will know what the project needs down to the tiniest detail. This will allow you to be prepared in advance.

Our Services Include:

To have us help you and have impressive painting results, call us today at 201-975-6877.