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According to the Census conducted in 2010, Ridgewood had about 24958 people. This was an increase from the 2000 Census, which recorded a population of 24936.

Ridgewood is only 20 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. And according to Money Magazine, Ridgewood was ranked the 26th best borough to live in the whole of the US (the 2011 Edition). Like most boroughs, the history of Ridgewood is quite interesting. In the early 1700s, Johannes Emburgh came to the area presently known as Ridgewood and built his very first home. He bought more than 250 acres of the area in 1698.

Ridgewood came to life in 1894 through a referendum. It had similar boundaries to Ridgewood Township. In light of this, the village was transformed into the municipal government while the Ridgewood Township became the school district.

In 1902, the village was expanded using portions from Orvil Township. However, the land that was added was later returned in 1915. And in 1925, the Ridgewood Village was once again expanded by portions from Franklin Township. Additionally, it acquired an area from Washington Township in 1971. And in 1974, the borough received land from Ho-Ho-Kus.

The borough got its name from the nature of its terrain.

Throughout the centuries, a lot has happened, and there have been many monuments set up to act as reminders and to preserve the history of the region. At the list of historical monuments include Ackerman Houses, David Ackerman House, Ridgewood station, Beech Street School and Historic Graydon Pool.

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