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The Ridgefield Park borough is a village in Bergen County, NJ with a population of about 12729 people as of 2010. However, this was a decrease of about 144 people from the 2000 Census that recorded a population of 12873 persons.  Of all the municipalities in the US, Ridgefield Park is only one of 4 that has a village type of government in the state of New Jersey. However, it features a Walsh Act type of government.

Speaking of village governments, of the four villages in New Jersey, only Loch Arbour retained the village type of governance while Ridgewood has a council-manager type of governance. The South Orange Village Township has a special charter that has a lot of similarities with the village government.

Ridgefield was formed in June of 1892 from Ridgefield Township. The results of a referendum a week prior to this determined the results of the incorporation. Now, we can’t talk about Ridgefield Park without Overpeck Township coming into the picture. You see, Overpeck Township was formed in 1897 to extend over the same area as Ridgefield Park. It was also created by the Ridgefield Township, and its main purpose was to administer the Board of Education.

Portions of Ridgefield Park were gotten from Bogota and Teaneck in 1921 and 1926 respectively. In 1938, Overpeck Township transformed into Ridgefield Park Township.

Painters for Impressive Painting Results

At Painters in Bergen County NJ, we have painting contractors that are focused on providing unique property beautification as well as protection. Our team of painters is knowledgeable and skilled. They have a wealth of experience under their belt, which allows them the freedom to deliver quality results using not-so-common methods and to yield impressive results.

In addition to this, as a company, we are skilled in handling both exterior and interior painting projects. And actually, based on our experience, there are high chances that we’ve handled a project similar to yours in the past. As such, the chances of success of your project are almost guaranteed.

Our services

Interior and exterior painting

Keeping the interior of your home looking great is very important. It will help you to appreciate and find comfort in the space. However, creating a homey feel through painting is no easy feat.

Luckily, our painters are more than skilled in providing such results – results that go beyond the aesthetics and into the feng shui of your home. Our painting also helps to protect the surfaces from moisture and smoke (especially in the kitchen).

Exterior painting

Painting your exterior may not do much for you, but it will without a doubt give everyone who passes by your home the feeling of it being a well-maintained, luxury home. More to this, if you are thinking of selling your home, painting the exterior will go a long way in increasing its value – you will smile to the bank.

Aside from interior and exterior painting, we offer a variety of other painting services, including;

Our Services Include:

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