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Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Ridgefield NJ

The Ridgefield borough was incorporated in 1892. Among the many activities that were planned to commemorate this day was a contest to come up with a slogan and a Centennial Logo. They chose the logo developed by Mathew Genaro, a Ridgefield Memorial High School Senior Creative. This logo had a tree in its full bloom and signified the growth and continuance of life in the region.

However, the slogan used to date (and Proud with Ridgefield) is the brainchild of Christa Finneran, who was also a student at the Ridgefield Memorial High School. This phrase reflected the pride of the people of Ridgefield in the borough’s history, accomplishments, and future.

The history of Ridgefield dates back to the Lenni Lenape, the Originals of the land before the Europeans iscovered’ the land. The Ridgefield Township was created from portions of the Old Hackensack Township, approximately 270 years after the first European had set foot in the area.

The earliest Europeans are said to have arrived as early as 1603. And in a couple of years after, an area that was once known as belonging to the Lenni Lenape Indians was dubbed an English Neighborhood.

Painting in Ridgefield

When looking to paint your home’s exterior and interior, you might be looking to go for the DIY option. While DIY might seem like a feasible and the best option, there are more advantages to hiring a pro like Painters in Bergen County NJ than DIY. Dealing with drop cloths, ladders, and taping off areas in your home can be a challenge and super frustrating if you don’t have the time, the right resources do it right, or even worse, if you are not skilled enough. But before you freak out, this is where we come into the rescue.

Great experience

Experience is one thing that makes a painting project successful. It helps an individual to learn new and nifty ways to apply the knowledge and skills that they learned in a classroom. Additionally, professionalism helps us to handle our clients respectably, to listen to them and deliver painting results as they envisioned them.

Unparalleled skills

We pride ourselves in having skilled painters. We are continually taking them back to school to undergo training sessions to help them remain up to date with the current painting trends and technologies. With their skills, our painters will help you choose the best color scheme for your home, and that will yield your desired results. It’s only when you try to get a color scheme on your own that you will appreciate having a professional by your side, guiding you through the process.

Free estimates

It is said that the best things in life are free. We are proud to have our quotations on that list. Our quotations are thorough and detailed, and with them, you will be able to plan and budget for your money better.

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