Ramsey House Painting

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Quality Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Ramsey

Ramsey is a suburb of the Big Apple. It is only 26 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. According to the 2010 Census, the borough had a population of 14473, which was an increase from the previous 2000 Census which recorded a population of 1123.

The borough was incorporated through a legislative act of the State of New Jersey in March of 1908 and was gotten from parts of Hohokus Township. In 1921, the territory was annexed from Waldwick and parts of the borough were handed over to Saddle River (this was in 1925.

One of the most exquisite historical sites in Ramsey is the Old Stone House. As the name describes, the site was built using stone. However, back in the 1700s, the building also had hob’s air. This building was initially a farmhouse belonging to a Dutch family and served as one of the taverns during the Revolution.

 According to historians, Aaron Burr slaked his thirst on the site as he went to meet the woman who would later become his wife. The structure was unveiled as a historical site in 1960.

Ramsey borough is named after the famous Peter Ramsey, who was a landowner in the 19th century. Before his death in 1854, he had sold his land on which a railroad station was later built in 1848. The station was called Ramsey’s.

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Painters in Bergen County NJ affordably and quickly revive and transforms your home’s interior and exterior. A fresh coat of paint has the power to give your home a facelift as you’ve never imagined before. Our painting services go beyond just painting.

You see, we have professional painters under our wing. These professionals know all too well how to come up with beautiful end results that will last for long and protect the surfaces in and around your home. They do this by spending a lot of time on the preparation phase.

When our painters knock on your door, and before they embark on the project, the first thing they do is prep the home for painting by repairing and cleaning all surfaces. Speaking of repairs, we have carpenters on call who provide services such as molding, as well as deck and door installation if there is any need for that.

Since we are professionals in this industry, we understand colors and the different effects they bring along. We help you choose the best colors and your favorite theme to suit your needs and give your home the feel you imagine.

Lasting impressions

We are in the business of creating mind-blowing first impressions that end up being lasting impressions that your visitors will never forget. We will ensure that your home is transformed into the envy of the neighborhood. And since appearances are important to you, you can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.


Our professional painters have a wealth of experience to get your painting job done the right way, the first time. There are high chances that they’ve worked on a project similar to yours in the not-so-distant past. Because of this, success in your project is almost guaranteed.

Our Services Include:


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