Palisades Park House Painting

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Quality Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Palisades Park

According to the US Census held in 2010, Palisades Park had a population of 19622. It is by far one of the most highly populated boroughs in Bergen County.

Like many boroughs in Bergen County, Palisades Park was created through a state legislative act in March 1899. The borough was formed from portions of Ridgefield Township. It’s also worth mentioning that a portion of the borough was annexed by Fort Lee (a neighboring borough) in 1909.

The name Palisades Park came from its location on the New Jersey Palisades.

Palisades Park occupies a total of 1276 square miles of land which includes 1251 square miles of dry land and 0.025 square miles of water.

The borough is bordered by Ridgefield Park, Ridgefield, Leonia, and Fort Lee.

The Palisades Park borough has a rich history. It has evolved over the years and has been influenced by many people from different cultures and backgrounds. Today, the borough is made up of 28.90% of whites, 1.96% of African Americans, 57.84% of Asians, 0.05% of Pacific Islanders, 9% of other races, 1.95% of a couple of other races, and 18.22% from Latino and Hispanics.

Getting a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you are looking into transforming your home into something more trendy and chic or even futuristic, we are the company for the job.

Painters in Bergen County NJ is a professional painting company based in New Jersey that offers a wide range of painting solutions for home and business premises owners. We also go the extra mile to ensure that the painting solutions we offer are of high quality and last for long.

Why choose us?

Here is a quick list of the reasons why you should choose us

Professional service

We pride ourselves on being professional. However, we don’t let our professionalism get in the way of being human and creating connections with our clients. At the start of the project, we plan a sit-down with our clients and hear them out.

We listen to their goals and vision. We help them to make everything clear and straighten out the vision based on our professional experience in the industry. This meeting helps us come up with a clear line of action and agree on expected results that will make the client happy.

Quality painting

We strive to deliver quality painting results in all the homes we have the opportunity to work on. We achieve this by doing a thorough preparation of the house. This phase includes wiping down, cleaning, and repairing surfaces before we apply a fresh coat of paint. In addition to proper preparation, we use high-end paints and sophisticated tools to deliver the best results.


Painting can be a dangerous process, especially if you are working in high and hard-to-reach areas. To ensure your safety and that of our painters, we have invested in quality, high-tech tools that allow us to reach all areas with ease and without putting our painters in harm’s way.

Our Services Include:

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