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The Best Painting Company in Oradell, NJ – Don’t Settle For Less

Oradell is one of the most beautiful boroughs in Bergen County. According to the 2010 Census, the borough had a whopping 7978 people, which was, unfortunately, a drop from the 2000 Census, which recorded 8047 people.

The borough has a dam on Hackensack River, which also forms part of the Oradell Reservoir. Oradell is a suburb of New York City and is only 15 miles from Midtown Manhattan.

This borough was incorporated in March of 1894 during the Boroughitis wave that swept through the county. It was initially called Delford borough and was formed from parts of Midland Township, Palisades Township, and Harrington Township.

The Delford name was arrived at through the combination of two community names within it- Oradell and New Milford. The borough’s name was changed to Oradell officially in November 1920 based on a referendum.

According to the New Jersey Monthly rankings, Oradell ranks at position 68 as the best place to live in the State of New Jersey. The same ranking makes it the 7th best area to live in the whole Bergen County.

Oradell occupies an area of 2577 square miles, which includes 2424 square miles of dry land and 0.153 of water. The borough is bordered by Emerson, Haworth Paramus, New Milford, River Edge, and Dumont.

Get a house makeover

If you’ve owned your home for some years, your tastes have probably changed. In light of this, you are looking to transform your home to match your current tastes and likes. Unfortunately, you just don’t have the time to do it by yourself. Don’t worry, Painters in Bergen County are here to the rescue.

Over the years, we have provided our clients in Oradell, Bergen County, New Jersey with high-quality painting solutions. Our painters are professionally trained and are certified to offer the services. Additionally, they are more than capable of delivering exquisite streak-free and flawless staining and painting results.

But painting is not all we have to offer. We also go the extra mile and protect your property so that you don’t have to worry about having unwanted painting smudges and damages in some parts of your home. We keep the project areas tidy, clean and neat so that we don’t disturb your living environment – it’s almost as though we were never there but the breathtaking painting results will snitch on us. But we absolutely don’t mind this.

So what painting services do we offer?

Our Services Include:

Basically, if you need any surface painted, we are the company for that.

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