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As you drive leisurely on Route 208/287, it’s almost impossible to imagine that three centuries ago, the highway was nothing but a quiet tree-lined path in a valley that served the Lenni-Lenape tribe. The very first Dutch settlers who set foot in the area were so captivated by it that they bought a whopping 5500 acres of the land.

In 1695, Arent Schuyler, an able representative of a group of Dutch associates paid about 250 New York Pounds to the Minsi Indians and Sachems who occupied the land. The Minsi Indians enjoyed their land as they hunted in the forests, fished in the rivers and farmed on the fertile valley land. The early Dutch settlers named the area De Panne, which means ‘The Ponds.’

The Dutch settlers did not all arrive at once. They streamed in over the years. By 1710, there were about 10 families in the region. And since the Lenni-Lenape were peaceful people, it was easy for the Dutch to conquer them.

In the 18th century, Oakland evolved into a serene lumbering and farming area with lots of mills powered by waters from the Ramapo river and a couple of other streams in the region. There were dirt paths, footpaths, and horse paths that were widened as the need for it arose.

There were a handful of signs and when you needed directions, the answer you got was own yonder by the stone house.’ Dirt roads were built leading to Paterson, Pompton Lakes, Suffern, and Hackensack. Most of these were created using shovels and picks.

Given the fact that the area was connected by dirt roads, the revolutionary war didn’t take place in Oakland. Dirt roads meant floods, mud, holes, and ruts. But despite the war happening outside the area, the families in the valley lived in constant fear of being raided by the British.

Fast forward to 1902, Oakland was incorporated as a borough and experienced exponential growth after the Second World War.

Professional painting contractor

The internet today is full of DIY projects in video and blog formats. Due to this, more and more homeowners are tempted to take that route. However, not all projects are perfect for DIY. Actually, painting projects are best handled by professionals. This is especially if you are looking for specific results.

If you want the new coat of paint to improve the value of your home and to provide protection to its structure, then hiring a professional painter is mandatory. That’s why we (Painters in Bergen County, NJ) are here to rescue you.

Below is what we have to offer

Free quotation

Before you embark on any project, you need to know just how much you’ll use on the project. Painting companies offer quotations to help with this. However, here’s where we are different from the rest. The quotations we offer are free and best of all, thorough and incredibly detailed. Very rarely do our clients spend more than we’ve detailed in the quotations we offer.

Quality paint

Achieving quality results depends on a couple of things. One of these things is the quality of painting products, tools, and accessories used. Since we are a painting company (we only handle painting projects), we have the luxury of investing in quality paints and high-end tools to ensure we only deliver the best.

Timely project completion

We are very time conscious. We are in the business of keeping time and completing projects before deadlines. At the start of the project, we consult with our clients to get the best times for working on their homes. If you prefer working for 8 hours or even 5, we stick to that.

Our Services Include:

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