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New Milford has an interesting story – one that revolves around Van Buskirk and Demarest. David Demarest first stepped foot in New Milford in 1677. When he arrived, the first thing that he did was to purchase 8000 acres in the area from the Lenni Lenape Indians who occupied the land at the time. By 1681, New Milford was owned by 4 Demarests.

By the 18th century, New Milford was mainly farmland. During this time, the Demarest Crossing was a crucial trading center, which also acted as a seaport. New Milford was experiencing quiet but steady growth. It slowly transformed into the most comfortable, fattest, and enviable areas of the entire colony.

Since the settlers in New Milford were mainly farmers, they mainly grew wheat, corn, and buckwheat. Cabbage was grown as fodder for hogs and cattle. On the other hand, wild hemp grew in the hoods and was used to make hats, ropes, baskets, roofing, wall covering,s and mats. Watermelon and flax tobacco also grew as hard crops.

During the revolution, New Milford experienced its fair share of civil war, which caused families to split. For the duration of the revolution war, families were praying, wishing and hoping that the trouble would pass without disturbing the peace in the valley. But unfortunately, given its strategic positioning and the New Bridge, New Milford continued to experience war. But once the war passed, the area experienced great peace and tranquility.

New Milford was incorporated into a borough in 1922.

Professional painting company

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