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Back in the mid-1600s, Moonachie was the property of one man – Captain John Berry, who was a fur trader. In those times, the area was referred to as the island of Moonachie and was bordered by the Indian path, Berry’s Creek, Losing Creek, and the Hackensack river. The Indians who lived during these times inhabited the cedar forests.

Historians record that the area might have gotten its name from the chief who went by the name of Chief Monaghie. After a couple of years, John Berry sold the land to T. Fransen Outwater, George Brinkerhoff, and Henrik Dekyp.

During the Revolution, Moonachie formed part of Bergen Township. The local farmers used to ship their produce through Hackensack River in the New York markets.

When the British invaded Bergen County in 1776, Moonachie was one of the lands they had their sights on. The British needed this area so that it could feed their army during the revolution. But despite Moonachie being a settlement area for farmers, this task was no easy feat as the Hessians that camped nearby often terrorized them.

Fast forward to 1825, Moonachie became a part of the Lodi Township. Initially, there was no education system in Moonachie. Parents living in the area had to send their kids to boarding school. And since boarding school was expensive, only rich families could afford it.

Fortunately, in 1830 a school was opened in Moonachie. The school operated in Peter Allen’s kitchen. In 1832, the first school building was erected in Moonachie. It served the area for 40 years, after which several schools were opened and closed until 1898 when the last school under the Lodi Township was opened.

Moonachie became a borough in 1910. In the same year, the Moonachie Fire Company and the Board of Education were set up to cater to the needs of the borough. The first council in the borough had a budget of $1900 to organize the town’s government. Given the small budget, paths and roads were ignored for several years.

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