Montvale House Painting

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Reasons You Should Hire a Painting Professional Like Painters in Montvale NJ

Like all of the other boroughs in Bergen County, Montvale wasn’t always Montvale. It has grown and evolved over the years. Different people have played big roles in making Montvale into what it is today. Though it was incorporated in 1894 during the ‘Boroughitis’ fever that saw 26 boroughs be incorporated, its history dates a couple of centuries earlier.

In August of 1894, the borough was formed from parts of Washington Township and Orvil Township. In February of 1896, Montvale wallowed’ a portion of Orvil Township. A decade later, more portions of Washington Township and Orvil Township were added to Montvale. And in 1912, Montvale acquired additional land from the Upper Saddle River.

However, in 1959, some portions of Montvale were handed over to River Vale and in December of 1965, Upper Saddle River and Montvale exchanged territories. The borough derived its name from the topography.

Currently, and as recorded by the US Census Bureau, the borough has a total of 4009 square miles of land. This includes 4000 square miles of dry land and 0.009 square miles of water.

As at 2010, the borough had a population of 7844 which was an 11.5% increase from the 2000 Census, which recorded a population of 7034.

Hiring a Professional Painting Company

DIY painting is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and can be stressful. Worse still, you are prone to make mistakes as you are not a professional.

Since you are thinking of embarking on a painting project and you’d love for it to have great results without costing you a fortune, we advise that you hire us – Painters in Bergen County NJ.

Why you should hire us

Professional results

As much as anyone can paint, it takes a great deal of skill, and experience to deliver quality results. Remember that the goal is not only to change the color of your home (interior and exterior) but to also have the painting increase the value of your home and protect it from adverse weather conditions over time.

We have worked on many painting projects successfully. You can read the testimonials on this website to see what our past clients have to say about our painting results.

Structural stability

It’s true that we make money based on the number of painting projects that we complete. But despite this, we always want our projects to be of high quality. For this reason, when we spot structural weaknesses in the housing structure, we recommend that you have them fixed before we proceed with the painting project.

You see, small weaknesses in the house’s structure can cause the house to come tumbling down a couple of years to come. Hiring us means that your painting needs are well taken care of without covering up weaknesses. You can trust us to give it to you as it is.

Familiar with colors and patterns

Being the professionals that we are, we know just what colors will bring your home’s exterior and interior to life. We will advise you on the best paints and textures for different surfaces. In addition to this, we will ensure that we are not overly extravagant with the budget. We will find a perfect balance between beauty, quality, and cost.

Our Services Include:

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