Midland Park House Painting

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Originally, the area occupied by present-day Midland Park borough was taken up by the Dutch. But before that, it was the home of Native American Indians – the Lenni-Lenape. But Midland Park wasn’t always known as such. The borough came to be in September of 1894 during the Boroughitis wave that was sweeping through Bergen County.

Midland Park borough was formed from pieces of Franklin Township (which is now known as Wyckoff Township), Ridgewood Township, and a couple of other lands that were gotten from Wyckoff Township.

This borough was named after New Jersey Midland Railway Company, which operated the railroad in the area at the time. Today, Midland Park is a beautiful borough that sits on land measuring 1.56 square miles and has a population of 7128 according to the 2010 Census. It is bordered by the Village of Ridgewood in the east, Waldwick Borough in the north, and Wyckoff Township in the west.

Midland Park Borough has a small-town feel to it. But despite this, it has a lot of recreational facilities, numerous housing options, quality private and public schools, unique dining and shopping options, 9 places of worship, and an elaborate public transportation system, which is connected to Manhattan. All these features and facilities make it a borough that is desirable to all.

Painting Projects

According to Statista, painting is one of the remodeling activities that homeowners in New Jersey embark on. And having a quick look at the benefits that it offers, it is easy to see why this is so. A quality painting project can provide your home with a major facelift, increase the value of your home, protect your home from wear and tear courtesy of weather changes, and hide the damage on your home’s surfaces.

But here’s the thing. For the above to be true, your painting project has to be handled by a professional in the industry. And while looking for a pro in the industry is hard work, you are in luck – Painter in Bergen County NJ is here to the rescue.

Why should you hire us?

So, with so many painting companies in the area, why should you hire us?

We are a company that has specialized in providing painting services

This means that we live and breathe painting projects. With our specialization, you can expect impressive results.

We work with a team of professional, skilled, and experienced painters in the borough

Professionalism, experience, and skill are everything in the painting world. While you can try DIY, the results obtained won’t be as good as when we work on your surfaces.

We offer free quotations

Quotations help you to budget for the project. You wouldn’t want to start on a project only to abandon it halfway, would you? Of course not. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, we prepare a thorough and detailed quotation.

We use high-quality paint and painting tools to complete the project.  With these tools, we are always able to guarantee you quality results.

Our Services Include:

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