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Maywood’s history dates back as far as the 17th century, when the Dutch settlers arrived and built homes for their families. At the time, they formed farms in an area that was later to be the New Jersey Midland Railway. The area that is presently known as ‘Maywood’ was called ‘West Hackensack’ until it was swallowed by New Barbadoes Township and later Midland Township.

In the 19th century, settlers rushed to expand the railroad in different areas of the US. In Midland Township, the New Jersey Midland Railway saw to it that a station was built and completed in 1872. The station was built along Maywood Avenue and was intended to connect New York Harbor to Great Lakes. Initially, the company had planned to name the station West Hackensack but the residents at the time convinced them to call it ‘Maywood’ instead. After all, aywood’ was the informal name of the area at the time.

In September of 1872, more than 25600 lots around the depots and rail lines were auctioned. This sparked the early growth of Maywood.

The station served as a post office for several decades until 1920. Transportation services went on until 1966.

In 1894, the area residents voted for the incorporation of the borough and change of name to Maywood Borough. The railway station that was named Maywood retained its name and still stands to this day (of course several facelifts and repairs have been done to the building over the years).

Need a Painting Professional?

House painting is by far the easiest and quickest way to freshen up the look in your home. A fresh coat of paint will completely change the aura in your home, making it almost unrecognizable. But aside from an aesthetic upgrade, painting has a couple of benefits. Below is a quick review of these benefits.

Increases the resale value of your home

Painting your home’s exterior and interior increases the value of your property tremendously. Both exterior and interior painting projects offer incredible returns on investment. A freshly painted house attracts more buyers than one that isn’t.

Update your style

If you want to give your home a makeover, then painting is the best and cheapest method to do it. However, painting trends change fast. But don’t worry, we will guide you in choosing a design and theme that will remain fashionable for a couple of years into the future – we will help you choose a futuristic design.

Hides exterior flaws

The exterior surface of your home takes a thorough beating from the weather and climate changes over time. The strong sunlight and heavy rains cause dampness, peeling, and cracking of the surfaces. A fresh coat of paint will cover up the damages and stains as you continue saving for remodeling.

These benefits are enticing, right? We are glad you think so. But here’s the catch. To yield these painting benefits, you need to work with a professional painting company. And in Maywood, we are your best bet.

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