Mahwah House Painting

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Painting Professionals – Why You Should Hire Us As Opposed to Amateur Painters in Mahwah

Where Mahwah is currently located was a junction of several transportation routes. A couple of eons ago, back when the Indians inhabited the region, Mahwah was a name used to refer to an area in Ramapo Valley. In the Indian language, it means meeting place or smiling fields. Other early names of the area also include Ramapough, Ramapo, and Hoppers. The area included Airmont, Cragmere, Darlington, Bear Swamp, Ackermans Mills, Halifax, Island Church, Masonicus, Oweno, Mountainside Farm, Stag Hill, Ramapo Farm, and Pulis Mills.

With that said, here’s a quick breakdown of Mahwah’s history

•  In 1750, the Lutheran Church was built.

•  In 1849, the region was incorporated as Hohokus Township.

•  In 1870, a post office was established. Andrew Hageman was its first postmaster. Other postmasters included Garrett H. Van Horne, Henry B. Hagerman, John Petry, and Walter D. Finch.

•  In 1871, the Mahwah railroad station was built.

•  In 1884, the post office’s name was changed to Oweno. However, it was reverted in Mahwah after a couple of months.

•  In the early 1900s, Hopkins and Dickinson Manufacturing Company (a nickel work company) was established.

•  In 1944, Mahwah Township was incorporated. It replaced Hohokus Township.

Best Painting Company in Mahwah

Painting a home is a tasking job. It often involves getting rid of paint chips, removing window screens to protect them from paint, applying primer, and finally painting (assuming the surface doesn’t need some bit of repair like removing nails and filling the holes left behind). It is because of this that we recommend that you get a professional painter. And what better painting company is there than us – Painters in Bergen County NJ?

Below are a couple of reasons why you should work with us:

Proper preparation

It is said that preparation time is not wasted time. Actually, Abraham Lincoln once said that if he was given 6 hours to chop down a tree, he’d spend 4 hours sharpening the ax and 2 hours chopping the tree. As a professional painting company, we believe preparation is the basis of great painting results.

In the preparation phase, we take time to cover all the plants around the house, tape down all edges and details that should not be painted, scrape off chipped paint and apply quality primer. We make use of high-quality paint so that the phenomenal painting results and aesthetics last for longer.

Safe atmosphere

We have state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to work on your premises safely. The tools we have include ladders that can reach high peaks of the roofing, masks to protect our painters from the painting fumes, and roller extensions to reach high ceilings. With this equipment, you need not worry about our professional painter sustaining injuries while in your home.

Insured for accidents

Though it often looks like a walk in the park, painting often has safety hazards. And from time to time, painters do get hurt. But while this is true, with us you will not have to spend on getting the painter’s medical care. As a company, we’ve invested in insurance, which covers the medical expenses of all injuries sustained while our painters are working on your project.

What more could you want from a professional painting company?

In addition to the above, we offer a myriad of painting services, including;

Our Services Include:

To hire us and get a free painting project quote, reach out to us at 201-975-6877.