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During the 2010 Census, the Lodi borough had a population of 24136. This was a 0.7% increase from the 2000 Census.

Lodi got its name from an Italian city named Lodi Lombardy. The borough was incorporated in 1894 from portions of South Hackensack (previously Lodi Township) and Saddle Brook (previously Saddle River Township). Lodi became a borough during the Boroughitis phenomenon that swept through Bergen County. During this year, 26 other boroughs were incorporated. They all went through a similar process of incorporation, which included an act of the legislature and an election.

Lodi borough sits on 2285 square miles. This includes 2265 square miles of land and only 0.02 square miles of water. Speaking of water, we should point out that the borough is prone to flooding when there are heavy rains.

The borough is bordered by Hackensack, Hasbrouck Heights, Maywood, Saddle Park, South Hackensack, and Wood-Ridge.

Over the years, it has transformed into what it is today – a beautiful, thriving borough.

Get a painting professional for your project

Many homeowners often opt to do a DIY project. For them, it seems cheaper and easier. But that’s far from the truth. If you analyze the situation critically as we are about to, you’ll realize that getting a professional painter is your best and most efficient option. And luckily, you don’t go in search of a professional painter. We, Painters in Bergen County NJ are all you need to successfully complete your project. Below are some of the reasons why this is so:

We work with skilled and experienced professionals

Though many people juggle a couple of remodeling projects, including painting in their services, we specialize in painting. We have dedicated our time and effort to learning everything there is about painting. We understand how different surfaces react to different types of paints as well as what themes work best for different situations.

When working with us, you get to be a beneficiary of all this experience, skills, and more.

We are timely

We like adhering to times stipulated by the client. As a matter of fact, before the start of a project, we first consult the client and ask for the best working times.

Some prefer we work when they are around to supervise, others when they are away, and others when their kids are not around. All these times are designed to ensure that the project does not disturb the normalcy of their normal schedules during the project. We respect our client’s wishes and adhere to these times strictly.

We have a wealth of knowledge and techniques, which allows us to complete even the most difficult of painting projects in record time. As such, we shall be in and out of your hair in no time and still leave behind exemplary and stunning results.

We offer a free quotation

While many painters offer free quotations, their quotes are usually rough estimates. However, we pay attention to the process of quoting the cost of a project. We factor in every cost and coin that you will spend, and in the end, the quotation we provide is detailed, specific, and exact. Rarely will you find the need to surpass the budget we provide.

Our Services Include:

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