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Hillsdale borough has transformed into a thriving business community, with more than 3000 homes and over 11000 people living in it. Its transformation and history are quite eventful and colorful.

The name Hillsdale comes from its railway station and the school. Although there are very few records detailing the early times in the area, historians believe that it was occupied by the Lenni-Lenape Indians. These were members of the Algonquin Nation that roamed along the Hackensack River Valley before the First Dutch explorers arrived around 1630.

A couple of Indian artifacts and the names of Musquapsink and Pascack Brooks are the only things that remain to show that the Indians lived in the area.

Fast forward to1898, Hillsdale Township was incorporated and separated from the Washington Township. The town included the territory between Orvil Township and Hackensack River. Orin S. Trall was credited for sparking the start of the incorporation of Hillsdale. Other individuals who played an important part include A.C Holdrum, John H. Riley, and David. H. Demarest among others.

The first elections of the town were held in 1898 in the Hillsdale Manor House (this manor has since been torn down).

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