Hasbrouck Heights House Painting

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Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Hasbrouck Heights

The residents of Hasbrouck Heights have an enterprising spirit, a thing that has enabled them to progress quite fast in regard to business, population, and street improvements.

Before 1870, Harrington Heights was primarily a farming community. It was home to various famous families, including Enoch Vreeland, Christian P. Terhune, Abraham A. Ackerman, and John Van Bussum. After 1870, people outside the capital gained an interest in the area. This resulted in Lord & Van Cleeve buying the land that’s known as Richard Terhune Farm.

However, during the 1873 panic, they sold several lots and abandoned the remaining land for the original owners to regain ownership. When all this property was exchanging hands, no development was made until 1874, when Henry Kipp built 8 houses on his land. Until 1890, this land was known as Corona.

In 1894, Hasbrouck Heights was separated from Lodi Township through an election held on the 31st of July. The election favored the incorporation of the borough. Following the separation, John H. Garrison became the first mayor and served along with several other officials, including John W. Charlton, R.F. Taggart, Andrew McCabe, and S.P. Ferdon.

Since the incorporation, the population has grown exponentially. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the population was 1255 and ten years later, it had jumped to 2155 and later to 2895 in 1920.

Hiring a Professional Painter

You’ve had a look at your home and you are convinced it needs a makeover – or at least a fresh coat of paint. That’s great, and actually, we’d like to echo the fact that painting your home will have great results that are not limited to an improvement in aesthetics. A fresh coat of paint will also help to protect your walls from dirt, smoke, and moisture.

With that said, as you prepare yourself for the painting project, you should plan to hire a professional painter. In light of this, we recommend you hire the best painting contractor in town – Painters in Bergen County NJ. We are a team of dedicated painters who do nothing else but paint all day to earn a living.

However, if you are reading this and are wondering why you should hire a professional rather than tackle it as a DIY project, here is a list of reasons:

Time is Money

You might not want to look at it like that, but that’s the truth. As such, you lose money when you make countless trips to the store or spend time touching up spots on the wall or correcting mistakes you made. And once that’s done, you still have to clean up after yourself. And since you aren’t a professional, you can bet the job will be messy.

Working with us will allow you to spend time on things that truly matter to you. We’ll always be on time and work around your schedule. This way, we don’t get in your way during the project.

We use quality tools and accessories

Being a professional painting company, we’ve invested in quality tools and accessories for our painting projects. These tools contribute to getting quality painting results. Unfortunately, they are expensive and it doesn’t make sense for you to buy them for a single project. Therefore, you should save your cash and hire us.

Our Services Include:

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