Harrington Park House Painting

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Choosing a Painting Company in Harrington Park

Harrington Park Borough sits on a total area of 2,059 square miles. This includes 1832 square miles of land and about 0.227 square miles of water. The borough is bordered by Emerson, Colster, River Vale, and Old Tapan.

According to the 2010 Census, the borough had a total of 4664 people, which was a slight reduction from the population in 2000 (4740). Between 2006 and 2010, it was recorded that households in Harrington Park earned a median of $115,875. The per capita income of the region was $49159.

When Harrington Park became a borough, Teddy Roosevelt was the President of the US. In the beginning, the town had 4 grist mills, 3 stores, and 4 sawmills on land that was fertile and that produced a lot of orchard fruit. After the Revolutionary War, the remains of the town were splattered all over the land. However, the area remained largely rural until the early 180s when a railroad – the Jersey City-Albany Railroad was built and changed the character of this town. The region was transformed into a modern suburb.

Between 1950 and 1970, the park experienced a spike in population. This forced developers to build additional housing units to accommodate the extra people. A senior housing complex and 2 townhouse developments were the response to the spike in population. And though some people may claim that the town is too developed, many residents still insist that Harrington Park borough is a hidden gem in Bergen County.

Painting Projects in Harrington Park Borough

Believe it or not, painting is one of the most prevalent remodeling projects for New Jersey state residents – and for good reasons. You see, painting is a cheap undertaking in comparison to full blow remodeling and reconstruction projects. And the beauty of painting is that it gives a home a new look.

It also helps to protect your surfaces from moisture and smoke. This means your home will remain strong for longer. But you know this already, right? So now the question is, why should you hire us for the project?

Simple, we have professional, skilled, and experienced painters under our wing. Our painters have handled numerous projects in the borough. You can trust that they will deliver quality.

We ensure that the project is supervised to ensure that it runs for the time agreed upon.

Also, since we specialize in painting projects, we have the luxury of investing in new tech painting tools and accessories. This helps us to meet deadlines and deliver quality results with minimal effort. Our quality is guaranteed courtesy of the technology we use.

Our Services Include:

To have us handle your painting project, call us at 201-975-6877. We will inspect your house and compile a thorough and detailed quotation to help you budget for the project better. It’s all free!