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Picking the Best Painting Contractor in Hackensack County

The initial inhabitants of the area occupied by Hackensack borough were the Lenni Lenape. They lived in a valley of a region they called Ackingsahsack’ which means stony ground. Many historical sources document that the borough was named after this Native American tribe. However, other sources attribute the name to a native American name that is translated to mean hook mouth’ or on the low ground’.

The Dutch started streaming in to settle in this area in 1630. They first settled at Pavonia. It is this settlement that began the establishment of Bergen County. Sachem, an individual from Lenni Lenape gave the land to the Dutch in around 1665.

However, the area deeded to the Dutch was taken over by the English only two years later in 1667. Philip Carteret was the governor of the colony at the time. He granted the land to John Berry (an army captain). He later built his home and called the area New Barbados.

In 1683, Bergen County was recognized as an independent county. In 1700, the Hackensack village was a small area that spread from Anderson Street to the Courthouse. The New Barbados Township included the present-day Rochelle Park, Marywood, River Edge, and Paramus. Back in the day, these areas were sparsely populated given that they were made up of swamplands, woods, and farm fields. There were also a handful of roads that were available at the time. The southern portions of the present-day Hackensack weren’t a part of New Barbados at the time.

The region that was later called ‘Village of Hackensack’ was under Essex County until the year 1710 when Bergen County was enlarged through a royal decree from the Queen of Great Britain. This means that New Barbados was taken from Essex County and added to Bergen County.

Fast forward to 1921, New Barbados was deleted and incorporated under the name Hackensack, a name that was derived from the earliest settlers of the region – the Lenni Lenape.

Picking a professional painter

We won’t deny that DIY projects are fun and can at times be cheaper than hiring a professional. But here’s the thing; painting professionals exist for a reason – to leverage painting accessories and tools professionally for top-notch results.

Unfortunately, binge-watching YouTube tutorials for a week doesn’t make you a professional. It takes years of practice to develop muscle memory and to understand the best way of handling different products and surfaces.

But don’t freak out as we are here for you. Painters in Bergen County NJ have a team of professional painters who live and breathe painting. Additionally, the fact that we only handle painting projects allows us to dive even deeper into the painting projects and deliver breathtaking results.

Our Services Include:

The beauty of working with us is that we are timely, invest in quality painting products and tools, and above all, pay attention to customer experience. We listen and adjust the project to suit your needs and comfort.

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