Glen Rock House Painting

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Reasons You Should Choose Us For Your Painting Project in Glen Rock Borough

Glen Rock borough came to be in 1894. It was formed by portions of the Saddle River Township and the Ridgewood Township. The name Glen comes from the fact that the borough is built around a large boulder located in a small valley. The boulder weighs about 520 tonnes and is found where Rock Road intersects with Doremus Avenue. Historians believe that the rock was deposited here by a glacier that picked it up more than 15000 years ago close to Peekskill in New York.

The glacier carried the rock for a whopping 32 kilometers to where it sits today. A couple of centuries ago, Lenape Indian natives of the land named the rock Pamachapuka, which literally means stone from heaven. They used this boulder as a trail marker and for sending fire signals.

Glen Rock borough happened to be the site of fatal accidents in the early 1900s. In 1911, a trolley operator who worked for the NJ Rapid Transit Company and who was only a day from retirement died in an accident. The accident involved another trolley at the intersection of Grove and Prospect Streets and was caused by a problem with the signals. In addition to the death of the operator,12 persons got injured. This crash contributed to the cancellation of the transportation which ran from Elmwood Park to Suffern. However, the trolley line was bought by Public Service Enterprise Group and still stands to this very day.

Now, according to the US Census in 2010, the borough had about 11601 people, which was an increase from the 2000 Census that recorded a population of 11546 people.

Looking to hire a professional painter?

If you are looking to hire a painter or a painting company, you should ensure that you are working with the best. Yes, you cannot just go picking random painters and painting companies to work for you. Well, you can, but let’s just say you wouldn’t want to when you learn about the things you risk by doing so.

In 1978, the US federal government banned the use of lead paint when children who interacted with chipped lead paint developed mental problems. The occurrence was super disturbing for everyone. So much so that rules and regulations were put in place to control the use of lead paint and to ensure that lead paint was handled in the right manner in the years to come.

Today, the State of New Jersey requires that you hire a painter that’s licensed by them to handle lead-based paint. And actually, before embarking on a project, the painter should provide a report detailing the levels of lead in the paint used. In addition to this, they should follow a predefined method of cleaning the site and disposing of the lead-based paint debris.

This process is especially important for those looking to live in houses that were built before 1978.

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