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The area that is now known as Garfield borough was developed in 1873 and was called East Passaic. The name changed in 1881 to Garfield. It was named after James Garfield, the then US president. With that said, we should point out that there are two versions of history given regarding the name change.

The first version details that when Garfield became president, the East Passaic founder went on record and said that East Passaic should no longer be called East Passaic but Garfield. According to the founder, Garfield was the man who would usher the borough into prosperity along with the country as a whole. A couple of months later, Garfield was assassinated, but the name stuck.

The second naming version records that after Garfield died in 1881, a new train station at the time was given his name to honor him. This later led to the surrounding area to be named after him as well. During this time, the New Jersey Legislature defined the boundaries as they are seen today.

Originally, Garfield was incorporated as a borough in 1898 from Wallington and Saddle River portions.

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Before you embark on a painting project, you ought to ensure that the contractor you choose is not an amateur. The contractor should have several years of experience under their belt and have relevant skills and licenses to operate in the region. More to this, the painting contractor should be licensed and have a proven track record of delivering quality results of projects similar to what you have at hand.

But we all know this is easier said than done. But hey, you are in luck. Painters in Bergen County NJ are here to the rescue. As a company, we have painting professionals under our wing. These professionals are skilled and experienced. Additionally, they have great customer support relations and are super friendly.

And that’s not all. We supervise all our projects and are always on time. We choose a starting date and confer with you if it’s the best for you. We also check to see which working times are best for you. After all, we wouldn’t want to be an inconvenience to your comfort (in your own home) during the project’s duration. If you prefer to have us arrive when your kids are gone to school and leave before they come back, that’s what we will do-your wish is our command.

Last but not least, we are conscious of our environment. We always ensure we leave a place better than we found it. We clean up after ourselves and dispose of the debris in an industry-recommended way. We also pay extra attention to lead-based paints, as we strive to protect your family by following the rules and regulations devised by the State of New Jersey.

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