Fort Lee House Painting

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The Best Painting Contractor in Fort Lee Borough

The Fort Lee borough is in the northeastern part of New Jersey. A large portion of the borough is along the Palisades on the western banks of the Hudson. The community developed in the early 1700s around the Fort Constitution. Later on, the borough was renamed to Fort Lee.

The Fort Lee Battle Monument marks the site of the fort that was abandoned back in 1776 during the revolution. The abandonment was as a result of the unsuccessful attempt to stop British fleets from sailing north of the Hudson River.

Currently, the borough is made up of residential homes. But between 1907 and 1920, it was a center of film production. To this day, film processing remains a major industry in the borough. In addition to this, the production of animal health feed and products, pharmaceuticals, and printing products are an important part of the borough’s economy.

Professional Painting Benefits

Now, with the advent of the internet, the painting industry has been revolutionized. Today, homeowners handle painting as DIY projects. And while we cannot deny that some have experienced success, it’s often at the expense of losing out on professional results. But since they don’t know what they are missing, they don’t feel like they are losing out on anything. But believe it or not, turning painting tasks into DIY projects can do more harm than good.

Here’s why

First and foremost, painting is a skill and an art that is learned over time. As such, an hour-long painting tutorial with ‘tips’ cannot possibly turn you into an expert in the industry. You’ll still miss a couple of things during the project and keen individuals will notice it’s not the work of a professional.

Second, some paints are made up of harmful products (including lead). When removing such paint from the walls, you need to be extra careful as the lead can affect the mental health of kids around. And in case you think this is made up, read up on the ordeal that led to the banning of lead-based paint in the US -many children developed mental illnesses from inhaling lead. For this reason, the state of New Jersey requires that painting contractors issue a report of lead levels in the paint, and be licensed to handle the removal and disposal of the paint.

Why you should choose us for the painting project?

We are certified to handle lead-based paint. Our certification is in line with the New Jersey lead-based paint rules and regulations.

We are meticulous with the service we offer. Aside from delivering works of arts on your walls (interior or exterior), we also ensure that we clean up after ourselves and leave the houses we are welcomed in a better state than we found them.

Our services include;

Our Services Include:

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