Fairview House Painting

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Picking a Professional Painter in Fairview Borough, Bergen County NJ

According to the 2010 US Census, Fairview borough had approximately 13,835 people, which was an increase of about 580 people from the previous census in 2000. Fairview came into being in December of 1894. It was created from portions of Ridgefield.

The decision to form the borough came from the results of a referendum that was held on December 18th, 1894. We should point out that this borough was created during the Boroughitis event. The Boroughitis period was when boroughs were being formed left, right, and center in Bergen County.

Fairview borough is named after the view it has of the Hackensack River valley. It is bordered by Ridgefield and Cliffside Park in Bergen County and North Bergen in Hudson. Mount Moriah Cemetery and Fairview Cemetery are located on the western slope of Hudson Palisades.

But before the Township came to be, the area was occupied by English settlers and German immigrants in 1730. And like other boroughs, it has gone through its fair share of ups and downs. But eventually, it remained strong and triumphed. Today it is a beauty to be marveled at. Reading through its history helps you to appreciate the township as it is today.

Painting Projects

Many homeowners like to turn painting projects into DIY projects. However, we always recommend bringing professional experts on board for the projects. Why? Well, though painting might seem like a straightforward and safe process, it has the potential to be dangerous, especially when working on houses that were built before 1978.

Before 1978, many houses were built with lead-based paint. Though great at the time, the lead-based paint resulted in mental illnesses in kids after they started to chip. And actually, New Jersey has rules and regulations stipulating how chipped lead-based paint should be handled from its removal to disposal. In such situations, turning painting into a DIY project can end up having adverse results and you’ll end up on the wrong side of the law as well.

In addition to being skilled in the removal of lead-based paint, and having professionals to handle the project we do the following:

• Offer free detailed, specific and thorough quotations

• Use quality painting products and painting tools to achieve high-quality results in record time

• Offer quality customer service to our customers. We answer all questions regarding the project and keep you in the loop in everything we do

• We provide consultations and guidance in regards to themes and patterns that’d be best for the project.

Below is a list of the services that we offer:

Our Services Include:

If you are ready to have a professional by your side handling all the difficult processes and delivering quality results in record time, be sure to give us a call at 201-975-6877 today!