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Finding a Professional Painter in Englewood

Englewood’s history is laden with lots of important occurrences and dates. It may not be possible for us to list them all in this piece. But tell you what – we shall point out the most important dates and give you a quick overview that the borough has undergone in the past 2 centuries.

The area that Englewood now occupies was covered by an oak forest and swampland. However, in 1852, a railway line was built through this area and a station called the Junction Grove was created. This marked the beginning of Englewood as we know it in the 21st century.

Unlike other boroughs in New Jersey, the earliest settlers of Englewood were Irish and German workers. Initially, these workers worked on truck farms and railroads but eventually landed in the Union Stock Yard. In 1865, the then government annexed the Junction Grove to Town of Lake and later to Chicago.

In 1868, Henry B. Lewis, a renowned wool merchant at the time, suggested a name change of the borough to Englewood. In addition to this, L.W. Beck handed Englewood 10 acres for the construction of the Cook County Normal School, which was later transformed into Chicago State University.

Following this was the construction of a Roman Catholic Church in the area, apartment buildings and stores. However, all this economic growth was disrupted by the Great Depression. And though this was a major setback, the borough wasn’t done yet. Economic strategies were formed and the Churches came in to help redevelop and support the process. And although the borough’s population dipped from 59075 to 40222 between 1980 and 2000, progress was made.

Hire a Professional Painter in Englewood

Painting is often turned into DIY projects. However, we recommend that you don’t take that route. Consider hiring us for the project you have at hand. What do you benefit from hiring a professional like us? A lot.

Hiring us for your project means you get a company by your side that’s committed to delivering quality and has a good work ethic. You also benefit from the use of the latest painting technology in terms of paint and tools.

Even though painting projects look easy and straightforward, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and a myriad factors that need to be considered. At Painters in Bergen County NJ, safety is our priority for both our workers and your property. And though we are insured, we do our level best to prevent mistakes and mishaps from occurring. We take our painters through safety training and guidelines. This should be more than enough reason to get you to work with us, right?

Most importantly, our professionals are courteous and keep you updated every step of the way. They ensure you are in the know about everything that’s being done and why.

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