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House Painters In Englewood Cliffs

In the early times, Englewood Cliff was made up of Coytesville and Undercliff. Settlement in Undercliff dates back to 1825 and had a couple of fishing villages like Hudson River Coast. Later on, it became a part of the Palisades Interstate Park. On the other hand, Coytesville was located in the south of Englewood Cliffs. However, a larger part of the area was in present-day Fort Lee borough.

In 1895, Englewood Cliffs borough was incorporated. Before this, it was a part of Palisades Township and Englewood Township. Palisades Township came to be in 1872 and was a portion of Hacken Township.

Before 1900, Undercliff was a colony and had small fishing villages, which lined the Hudson River. From Edgewater to Alpine. In the year 1825, the Dutch were settled in the area. The villages that were in the villages included Englewood Dock, Bloomer’s Beach, Pickletown and Fisherman’s Village.

Now, Englewood Dock was found at the bottom of mountain road which ran from Palisade Avenue all the way to the Hudson. By 1800 (mid), right after the civil war, the rock quarrying efforts had grown in demand and was making loads of profit.

The Cliffs came close to being the target of blasted rubble. As a result of this, Palisades Interstate Park was formed to protect the region. But as the park was formed, the Undercliff settlers started to leave. Only a handful of villages still exist today. This includes the Undercliff cemetery.

Coytesville Village

Joseph Coyte, an Englishman, presented a parcel of lots for the village. His vision was to have planned shopping malls and communities since Coytesville was a hub for the community needs. It had a post office, a vegetable store, grocery store, a butcher shop, two delis, a bakery, drug store, soda fountain, handicraft store, four saloons, a cemetery, 3 churches, a luncheonette, and a hardware store.

Heck, there was even a trolley service which brought passengers from different places located on the south side. Several homes built in those days still exist in these days.

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