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Emerson Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Many people take Emerson for granted. After all, for them, it’s normal to have more than 7000 townspeople, a public school system, retail establishments, and a modern railway. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but all this wasn’t the norm a century ago. Heck, Emerson borough didn’t exist until 1903.

Before the first non-native settlers in the region, Emerson was occupied by Lenape Indians. Since there is very little that is documented about their activities at the time, we can’t say for certain what they used the land for. Now, before the land was named Emerson, it was referred to by two names; Kinderkamack and Old Hook.

The first person to settle in the Old Hook area was William Rutan, who settled in the area called Old Hook Farm. Shortly after, Abraham Hopper bought land along Kinderkamack Road. The house he built those many years ago still exists, though it has undergone a lot of remodeling.

Fast forward to 1950 after the Second World War, Emerson was thriving and developments were mushrooming left, right, and center. In only ten years, the population had grown from 1744 to 6819 people. But this growth was not before a difficult time in the borough. An epidemic had hit the borough and it survived. So far, the borough has conquered all to get to where it is.

Why should you get a Fresh Coat of Paint?

•  Well, for starters, you are already thinking about it. You owe it to yourself to live in a space you feel comfortable and safe – after all, you work so hard to afford such simple pleasures of life.

•  Second, a fresh coat of paint will improve the aesthetics of your home immensely. The next time your family visits, they might think you remodeled the space.

•  Third, the fresh coat of paint will help to protect your walls from smoke and moisture. Over time, it will save you the money you’d have otherwise spent on remodeling and repair.

Why hire us as your painting professionals?

We could compile a long list of reasons, but we shall keep it short and to the point.

•  We are painting specialists. Yes, unlike remodeling contractors, we only handle painting projects. Our specialization allows us to delve even deeper into the industry and to discover new ways and tools for making the work easier while delivering quality results.

•  We work with professionals who are not only skilled but experienced. Experience always triumphs over talent.

•  We provide free quotations at the start of the project. Budgeting for the project becomes easier with our accurate and thorough proposal/quote.

•  Our work comes with warranties. This shows how much faith we have in the quality of our paintings.

•  We only use high-quality paints and tools in our projects.

So with all this talk, what services can we offer you? Here is a quick overview of our services:

Our Services Include:

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