Elmwood Park House Painting

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Interior and Exterior Painting Services

300 years ago, the whole of New Jersey was Indian territory. The Lenni Lenape roamed freely in the area until the Europeans arrived and pushed the natives to the west. Originally, this area was under the Dutch. However, in 1664, things changed and the English took over. History has it that the land between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers was presented to the Europeans as a gift. It is these Europeans who named the area, New Jersey.

Over time, a lot of changes have occurred. Governments, economic activities, Township names, and laws have undergone gradual transformations. But this was not without paying the price.

Elmwood Park started out as Slotterdam before it changed its name to East Patterson and later Elmwood Park on 1st January 1973. But before the last name change, the area residents at the time took a vote to change it in November 1972. It only became official in 1973. During this period, buildings have been developed, major highways built (including the Interstate Route 80 and the Garden State Parkway), factories, farming, and water connections.

Looking for a professional painter? Look no further

Getting a great paint job in your home will make all the difference in how it looks. But here’s something even better.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home gives it a lot more than just beautiful aesthetics.

Yes. Our painting works will go a step further and;

•  Protect your surfaces from smoke and weather smoke. The paint we apply will help to slow down the wear and tear.

•  With the care we take and our attention to detail, the paint job we do will give your property’s value a major boost. Yes, we will do a good job that prospective buyers will be wowed and immediately taken by your home. Do not be fooled. Painting the walls is more of an art than a DIY project. You are better off hiring a professional (us).

•  We will be sure to complement the design theme. Your home should be a space you feel safe and comfortable. While your furniture contributes a great deal to the comfort of your home, the theme of your wall is influential. We shall help you choose the colors and tone to create a warm, calm or energetic ambiance.

Along with these benefits, what else do you stand to gain by working with us?

•  You get to work with skilled painters in the industry

•  You get to have your project completed in record time while maintaining quality

•  You get quality customer service

•  You get a free quote before we start to help you budget better for the project

What services do we offer? Seeing that we are a specialized painting company, everything we do revolves around painting. Below are the services we offer.

Our Services Include:

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