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Edgewater Professional Painting Company

The history of Edgewater is multifaceted and we can’t possibly cover it all in a short article. So tell you what, we’ll break it down into timelines. It all started in 1848.

In 1848, Nicholas Kransz arrived at Lakeview and started greenhouses and truck farms. Their crop of focus was celery. Courtesy of the Kransz farmhouse, the population grew and Lakeview Township was established back in 1857.

The houses were made up of several cottages, small farms and beautiful orchards. As resident numbers grew, the need for a school increased and in 185, Andersonville School was built.

Between 1885 and 1889, Cochran’s Edgewater came to life and in 1900 – 1909, the Township entered a new century with a brand new community. Between 1910 and 1919, Edgewater improved and glamour increased all the more.

Now, between 1930 and 1939, Edgewater was lost as it was declared to be a portion of Uptown. Destruction hit the area during the Second World War only for the town to bounce back with new housing between 1950 and 1959. And between 1970 and 1979 Edgewater rebranded as immigrant groups increased in the area.

Between 200 and 2009, Edgewater was celebrated for the ups and downs it survived over the years and experienced a massive building boom.

Yearning for a new look?

Before you pot for a DIY or hiring a cheap inexperienced painter in the borough, we urge you to pause and think over a few things.

When choosing a painter, you should consider safety, health, preparation, clean up and disposal, skill, and experience. We bet you’ve thought of such, right?

You see, painting can be hazardous. It looks simple, but painting while on a ladder and working with solvent (with names you’ve never heard of) can have adverse effects on your body. Hiring us makes sure that you don’t have to worry about the hazardous side of the painting. You sit pretty and wait for us to deliver dumbfounding results on your home.

Second, if your home was built in 1977 or before, there are high chances it was built with lead-based paint. The lead can cause serious health problems, especially if it chips or is sanded in preparation for a fresh coat. As professional painters, we shall take the necessary steps to protect you from the effects of lead.

Third, since preparation makes all the difference in painting, we have taken it upon ourselves to do it right. And with the myriad of choices today, it can be a complicated process. But with us on your side, we will guide you through choosing the best types of paints, tools, and accessories for the project. You get to pick our brain for the best service free of charge.

Last but not least, hiring us means you do not have to worry about dealing with the mess created during projects. We are professional enough to clean up after ourselves and dispose of the paint residue in the right manner.

Awesome, right? So what do we have to offer?

Great question. Being a painting company, we specialize in everything related to painting. You can call us in to paint your cabinets, basement, fence, interior, and exterior of your home or garage, change your wallpaper, clean up the popcorns on your ceiling or seal and stain your deck.

Our Services Include:

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