East Rutherford House Painting

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Hiring East Rutherford Painting Professionals

According to the 2010 census, East Rutherford had a population of 8913 people, which was an increase from 8716 people according to the 2000 census. The borough is located 11 km west of midtown Manhattan. It sits on a 4025 square mile area which includes 3709 square miles of land and 0.343 square miles of water. It is bounded by the boroughs of Wallington, Carlstadt, Rutherford, Secaucus, and Passaic.

In 1889, Old Union Township was incorporated and called Boiling Springs Township. The name stemmed from a spring located in the area. However, in 1894, East Rutherford borough was created according to a referendum. With the results of this referendum, Boiling Springs Township was done away with. There were no changes in the border. Only the name and the system of government was changed.

Now East Rutherford is home to a sports complex, including the MetLife Stadium and Meadowlands Arena. These complexes have hosted major sports, leagues and entertainment events. In addition to this, the borough runs the American Dream Meadowlands project. This represents the construction of a large entertainment complex and a large mall (one of the second largest in the area) called Xanadu.

Painting Projects and Professionals

Great craftsmanship and experience are important for painting projects. However, professionalism and quality customer service are at the top of our mission in the painting projects we handle. From courteously answering your calls to the last thank you’ handshake, we strive to be professional in everything that we touch and handle.

When you call us, we respond quickly, and we won’t leave you stranded with unanswered emails and calls. More to this, we prepare thoroughly and specific painting proposals and welcome follow up questions that might pop up.

We are punctual and considerate. When the weather permits, we strive to be on time for the project. Our painting crew will be on your doorstep every morning and will not leave your project midway to start another. However, the starting times are flexible and designed to accommodate your wants and needs. If you’d like to start the project when the kids are off to school and be done before they get back, then that’s what we’ll do.

Professional supervision

You are welcome to make observations and ask as many questions as you please. However, there will be little need for this as we supervise the progress of the job from start to its completion. Moreover, our painters constantly evaluate the quality of the work throughout. This assures you that you’ll have the quality job done.

What Services Do We Offer?

We should insist that we are a painting company and not a remodeling company. As such, our list of services revolves around painting and our specialty allows us to deliver quality in all our projects, including:

Our Services Include:

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