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Man and nature can work really great together. Demarest is a town that shows this all too well. From the era when the area had only a few people settled to the present day, nature has remained an important aspect of the borough.

Through the years, Demarest has evolved just like the many other boroughs. However, its development is unique in that it has managed to remain as a town of the people and not industries. Looking at the borough today, one cannot help but wonder how it came to be. What stories do the streets, houses, hotels and Duck Pond harbor?

Well, Demarest’s history dates back to 1677. David Demarest came to settle in this area in 1663. The earliest settlers in Demarest were known as the Westervelts. Their homestead was on the northern wing at 277 County Road. This house stands to this day.

In 1723, Dutch settlers came and settled in the region after they had obtained land from British owners.

By the time the Revolution was hitting, the area had about 7 farmhouses built along the County Road. Most of these individuals were patriots, including Samuel P. Demarest, who was the great great grandson of David.

Samuel had a mill in the area that supplied flour to Washington’s troops when they were at Tappan.

In 1779, there was a raid that tore apart the families in the area. Samuel Demarest was taken as a prisoner to New York City. His son Cornelius was killed along with Douse Tallman, a 90-year old farmer.

After the Revolution came to the end, the founders of the borough went back to their homes and their community started to rise from the ashes.

The mill was reopened and in 1816, a sandstone colonial home was built on County Road. The house stands tall to this very day across the Duck Pond.

The borough that once had a handful of people and homes now has more than 1800 homes and over 4800 people. There are 3 orship buildings’, a fire department, and 6 schools, along with other amenities in the area.

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