Cresskill House Painting

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Hiring a Professional Painter in Cresskill

The Cresskill borough has quite an interesting history dating back to the colonial period in America to the present times. A lot has happened in this borough over the years, so we shall focus our sites on three main places and monuments in Cresskill that will help us have a glimpse into the borough’s history.

Traffic Circle

The traffic circle in Cresskill is by far the most renowned. It is located at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Knickerbocker Road. The circle hugs a 65 ft obelisk that was dedicated back in 1924. It’s a national symbol which also recognizes contributions of 563 men and women who died while serving the country during the First World War. The first traffic circle in the nation was built in 1926 and is in Pennsauken, Camden County. In over 15 years after 1926, more than 75 circles were built.

Tallman House

This house in Cresskill provides history and education as the oldest home in the borough.

The Monument

This monument was built to remember the soldiers who lost their lives while fighting for their country in Camp Merritt during the first World War. The monument is 56 ft and is found at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Knickerbocker Road. It’s right at the border of Dumont and Cresskill and was dedicated in 1924 by General John Joseph, who led the forces to triumph in the First World War.

Camp Merritt

This camp was originally named Camp Tenafly. It was later renamed to Camp Merritt after Major General Wesley Merritt. Camp Merritt cost about $11 million to construct and covers 770 acres of land. It has well over 1,300 buildings and about 18088081 soldiers passed through it. As such, the cost of the space was about $10 per soldier.

The camp was opened in 1917 and closed down in 1919.

With that, let’s move onto painting matters in the region

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