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The funny thing about American history is that you don’t have to travel far away to learn about it. You can start by appreciating the history in your own backyard. In Closter, a leisure walk to the Old Closter City Train depot will tell you all you need to know about an era when the railway was referred to as the ron Horse’.

But let’s take it from the beginning. Closter was occupied by the Lenape Tribe before the Dutch came and displaced them in 1710. For about 150 years the Dutch farmed and lived in peace until the Revolutionary War. During the 150 years, Closter was isolated and hadn’t tasted civilization. But all this changed when the ron Horse’ we mentioned above came through the city in 1859.

The railway opened up Closter and brought new faces to the small town. One of the new faces in town was John Henry, a carpenter, architect, and businessman from Manhattan. He bought land in the town close to where the railroad would pass and set up villas and new houses for the people. He made lots of money while he was at it and Closter developed.

Closter continued to grow and in 1903, the population was 1200 with 2/3 of the men being commuters from New York. The station that was set up served the town for several decades before it was put to an end by the establishment of the George Washington Bridge and the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

Today a freight train runs over the tracks twice a week (this is nothing compared to the 36 train the tracks used to carry daily). The old station is still erect but it now serves as a private home.

Looking to Paint Your Home?

There’s so much on the walls of the homes in Closter can tell you about the town – you probably won’t have enough time. So instead of tearing down the wall and erecting a new one, you are better off putting on a new coat of paint to give your home a new and fresh look.

Painting is said to be the cheapest and fastest way of increasing a home’s value. As such, you shouldn’t underestimate its value. And while there’s the option of turning the painting into a DIY project, we encourage you to hire a professional painter for superb results.

We at Painters in Bergen County NJ are more than ready to take on the project and help you achieve the best possible results.

Why Choose Us for the project?

We know it’s not good to blow your own horn so we shall just stick to the facts.

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